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GDT 9/20/20 Week 2: 1-0 Baltimore Ravens vs 0-1 Houston Texans

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2 hours ago, AngusMcFife said:

Ok I found the post on the other thread. You are mistakenly saying that the DT is penetrating the gap, whereas really the DT is running himself out of the play. He doesn't come within 3 yards of Lamar.

I don't think you understand the nature of pass blocking. You don't seek to engage the defender. You blame Skura for "taking such an extended period of time to accept the handoff". That's just not how pass blocking works. You wait for rusher to come into your area.  

What bothers me is that you are impugning the integrity of Ken McKusick. He does a tremendous job and has no incentive to be biased. I'd say your anti-Skura biases are fully on display here. I wouldn't have spoken up if you had just talked about the play, but after the things you said about Ken, I don't feel that was right. 


Sure thing buddy. This is why I didn’t engage you fully. Because of your disrespectful tone to begin with. You’re acting like I called Ken an idiot for his take, I just don’t agree with it.

So when I look at the tape and see a 2-5 split (2 defenders to the left of the center and 5 to the right of the center). When I see a releasing TE, that tells me the most likely pass protection in this instance is for the OL to shift right in their pass protection spots to handle the additional pressure. Why? Because you’ve got 5 known defenders for 3 OL in pass pro. 

On the stunt you’re not supposed to chase, that part is correct, which is why I said it in my post in the other spot. But with the knowledge of the defensive alignment, it stands to reason they would initially shift to the right to divert the overload.

So when Philips is trying to get into his drop depth and the DT flashes over him, he seeks to pass that action off to Skura who, should be slightly deeper in his depth and slightly more to the right off his initial drop step. That act of hesitation from Skura, keeps Philips from getting to HIS appropriate depth and angle to handle his responsibility, which ultimately ends up being Cunningham. The only reason Skura’s guy doesn’t blow up the play himself is because of Philips delays the rest of his drop to plug up that spot. This allows Skura time enough to pick up #94 and seal him down the LOS with leverage. 

Now I criticized Philips here as well. He is supposed to pass off the attention to Skura and get to his depth in time to handle his responsibility and survey the situation. He also needs to adjust his pass pro based off the look the defense shows in progress, like Brown does.

If he would have paid more attention he would’ve noticed the twist by Watt and anticipated that the defense was now flowing left. Instead because he diverts his attention he’s blocking based off of his pre-snap read and not based off of the in progress read, which was the stunt. He thinks he’s late to his drop and freaks out and seeks to engage the DB as opposed to just calmly adjusting and dropping at the same speed and depth as Skura, which would at least plug up that hole and would leave a hole between the RG/RT for blitz to exploit, which Dobbins could then handle.

He worries too much about Skura’s responsibility and not enough about his own. His guy then makes the play as he sneaks by Philips who is too unaware to realize the play in progress. He wasn’t paying enough attention to his responsibilities. Which is why I also blamed him in my OP.

But Skura’s man breaking through the initial B gap also draws the attention of Dobbins and that’s who he initially goes to assist. But the double gap pressure catches Dobbins off guard (likely because he’s like 5’9” and literally can’t see over the LOS to catch all the action and just sees the penetration). So Skura’s guy diverts the attention of both of the rookies, yet he comes out looking clean... when in reality, his tardiness is what greatly assisted in allowing the pass pro to work as effectively as it would have had he dropped right. So from where I stand both OL are at fault IMO.

Which is why I also call Bozeman out. I’m consistent. His “man” isn’t making a play either (And I say man because that’s the guy who ultimately came into interaction with his zone that he vacated), but he was out of position to handle said pressure when it did arrive (Watt). I could care less if #94 doesn’t make the play. I care about the fact that Skura being out of position influences the degradation of the pass protection to his team.


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And just FYI, I chose to give this more attention only because it was less disrespectful. But I really couldn’t care anymore about this play. I’ve debated enough about this random play and am far more excited to talk Chiefs-Ravens than this particular game, this particular play, or it’s particular result. Perhaps if we were playing the Giants or something this week, I’d be more pressed with giving this more attention.

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