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2021 College Football/NFL Draft Thread


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1 hour ago, KingTitan said:

But his size and height are the same as Waddle almost. An inch off and maybe like 3 pounds lighter. 

Yeah while I will say Waddle in the top 10 is too high for me (I have him in the top half of the first round). Waddle has elite traits and that makes a huge difference in my opinion. By the end of the night he will be in the top 5 % of straight line speed in the NFL. While Moore has alot of good-great traits he is not elite at anything. His route running/COD/hands are great not elite. Now this is my opinion and I have no problem being wrong. The other issue is the position value on this team. Outside of FB the least important position on the Titans offense is WR especially opposite of AJ. I have a feeling if he is a Titan he will be ok; If he is a Packer or a Chief he blows up. I do love his production and love how he beat up on Alabama. 

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42 minutes ago, twotonebluenation said:

I see all this talk about Moore from everyone. I feel like that just about guarantees we do not get him. 

Come on down Terrance Marshall Jr, Barrmore, Tevin Jenkins, Greg Newsome, or the safety from TCU. 

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