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BDL 2020 Week 7 - Cuba Smugglers @ Sacramento Sasquatch


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BDL 2020 Week 7

Match: Cuba Smugglers @ Sacramento Sasquatch

Away Owner: @MD4L

Home Owner: @Counselor

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both.

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QB: DeShaun Watson

RB: Le’Veon Bell

WR: Julio Jones

WR: DJ Chark

WR: Justin Jefferson

TE: Ian Thomas

LT: Anthony Castonzo

LG: Elgton Jenkins

😄 Ryan Jensen

RG: David DeCastro

RT: Mekhi Becton 


RB: Jamaal Williams

RB: Darwin Thompson 

FB: Kyle Juszcyk

WR: Marvin Jones

WR: DeMarcus Robinson

WR: Justin Watson

TE: Adam Shaheen

OL: Daryl Williams 


Edge: Matt Judon

DT: Arik Armstead

NT: DaQuan Jones

Edge: Cam Jordan

WLB: Cory Littleton

MLB: Eric Kendricks 

RCB: Kenny Moore

FS: Tyrann Mathieu 

SS: Khari Willis 

NCB: Isaiah Oliver

LCB: Jenoris Jenkins


Edge: Jerry Hughes 

Edge: Rashan Gary

DT: Derrick Nnadi

LB: Vince Williams

S: Jimmie Ward

CB: Daryl Worley

CB: Ugo Amadi 

SS: Kenny Vacarro 




QB- Joe Burrow

RB- Antonio Gibson

X- Preston Williams

Z- Henry Ruggs

Slot- Tyler Boyd

TE- Noah Fant

LT- Jedrick Wills

LG- Joe Thuney

C- Garrett Bradbury

RG- Dalton Risner

RT- Rob Havenstein 


RB- Jonathan Taylor

RB- JK Dobbins

FB- Alec Ingold

WR- Zach Pascal

WR- N’Keal Harry

WR- Tyler Johnson

OG-  Jonah Jackson

OT- Kelvin Beachum



LE- Ed Oliver 

NT- Ndamukong Suh

RE- Trey Flowers

WLB- Kenneth Murray

MLB- Joe Schobert

Enforcer- Ceedy Duce

CB- Donte Jackson

CB- CJ Henderson

Nickel- Bryce Callahan 

FS- Jessie Bates

SS- Xavier Woods


DE- Stephen Weatherly 

NT/LE- Folorunso Fatukasi

NT- Jonathan Penisini

LB- Uchenna Nwosu

CB- Sean Murphy-Bunting 

CB- Darious Williams

S- Ronnie Harrison

S- Julian Love

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Intro: The year is far from over but we think this is a good week to get the momentum we have failed to find this season. We maintain a high level of expectation on a weekly basis, and this week vs Counselor’s young group is another challenge against an upstart team.

Offense: The offense finally showed glimpses of what they can do when they are healthy and intact. We have our starting receivers for only the third game this season but with this being the second consecutive game, we want Julio to receive the most targets. It’s well known he gets doubled when healthy but we want CJ Henderson to earn his stripes as Julio traditionally gets numbers when he gets targets. We want ordinary routes on the boundary like slants and back shoulders to get Julio going. We’ll throw him in the slot on more then a few occasions to take the safeties attention so DJ Chark and Justin Jefferson can make plays in isolated coverage. Even if Sacramento decides to play two man under we’re comfortable letting Watson go to work and find the winning options. If Sacramento plays some versions of zone defense, then we would become a bit more pass

Le’Veon Bell gives us a placeholder at RB. We are going to feature him with around 20 touches which includes some receiving targets where he only has to break one tackle to reap some quality yards at the position.  Jamaal Williams now falls into his ideal role as the spell back and we can operate with those two now commanding the touches at RB.

We do have one final wrinkle and it’s a permanent one with Kyle Juszcyk on the roster. We are going to make him a prominent player immediately as his skill set allows us to run more 2 back sets. We’ll use Juszcyk as a different matchup weapon and a guy that will move around the backfield, and be a motion man that moves presnap. His role will expand but should help take attention from teams and serves a useful check down option and gives us some production that offsets our lacking production from the TE position. 

Defense: We are FINALLY healthy after massive injuries in the secondary. Fletcher Cox is impossible to replace but Arik Armstead will fill next to our other rotating NT of Jones and Nnadi. Both are strong two down players and we’ve got the versatile Cam Jordan to move around the LOS for viable pass rush opportunities. Jordan will be the only three down non rotation guy as we still posses good depth and run stuffers that let our LBs clean plays up in the second level. Joe Burrow lost Terron Armstead on the edge and that should only help our pass rush even though Jedrick Willis projects as a future star. The player we are aiming to signal out is Antonio Gibson because his versatility suggests we need to prepare for him to touch the ball regardless. He is obviously a threat when operating as the solo RB but with some of the 20 formations and lack of TE on the roster we can allocate our LBs to focus on him with Eric Kendricks being his primary defender out of the backfield.

The second weapon is accounting for what Ruggs can do vertically.  Burrow hasn’t been a deep ball thrower and we can continue that with our defensive line. Nonetheless, Ruggs deep speed will keep us with one guy deep on a regular basis. We do plan on some two man under schemes facing 3rd downs or with a negative game script for Sacramento where they have to throw the ball to score with our offense. The cover one scheme will be our primary coverage and with Sacramento making him a full time starter, we will mix our coverages with the main common point is we have help deep and the guy who is playing deep will have another guy helping him defend the big play. 

The sacrifice to Ruggs is legitimate but now the other matchups will decide the game. Khari Willis will spend a lot of time near the LOS as help against Johnathan Taylor to help contain the run game. While Cox is no longer on the roster, Armstead still suffices was the pass rusher inside and Jones is one of the better defenders to compliment with high level run defense. If by chance we’re forced to play against a leading Sacramento team, we’ll lessen Cory Littleton’s snaps for Vince Williams as the latter is more equaled to handle a downhill running attack like we’re presented with in this game. Derrick Nnadi subs both interior guys on early downs & we’ll work Denico Autry next to Jordan inside with Hughes and Judon applying some speed rush off the edge.

Kenny Moore will spend most of his time defending Henry Ruggs and Jenoris Jenkins gets him in our man coverage looks. We want to switch the deep responsibility between Tyrann and Jimmie Ward. We’ll play the other matchups relatively straight up & switch coverage responsibility from man and zone.



Offensive Personnel Groups (3W 45%, 2RB 30%, Motion to 4 Wide Big Slot 15%, 4 Wide Traditional 10%)

We will be going with our base 3Wide personnel 45% of the time but we will motion to 4 wide Big Slot an additional 15% out of this formation with Noah Fant motioning out into the slot. In our base 3Wide we will have Preston Williams on the TE side and Ruggs on the outside on the other side with Boyd as the slot WR. 10% of our 2 Back formation will involve Alec Ingold as a Fullback and Gibson or Taylor at RB, while the other 20% will feature Taylor and Gibson. The receivers in the 2Back will be Ruggs and Boyd. In the 4 Wide Traditional Zach Pascal will be the fourth Wide lined up in the slot. Dobbins will be the back in the 4 Wide alignment. 

Offensive Strategy: (60/40 Pass Run)

Rocket Ruggs

The Cuba corner group is lacking and we want to take advantage of the speed of Henry Ruggs to get some deep shots on them. Just like last week we know Ruggs can open up our offense and make life easier underneath for our short to mid passing game where Burrow is thriving. Ruggs primary routes once again will be verticals, deep posts, deep drags, corners, and fades. We will mix in some quick screens and slants to Ruggs underneath though to get him the ball in space. 

Attack all Levels

Noah Fant will be a great option for Burrow underneath to be able to make plays as well as running some seams in the middle of the field. Burrow didn’t get to play with Fant in our last two games so this will be a nice addition to our offense and help with high percentage pass completions. We will run play action and boot Burrow out to take advantage of his athleticism and allow him to target Fant and Boyd on crossing routes and arrows  as well as set up those deep shots for Ruggs. Tyler Boyd will be working the middle and shallow areas of the field from the slot. Gibson and Taylor will be heavily involved in the quick passing game. Preston Williams will run a variety of routes allowing us to keep the defense on their toes and provide Burrow that big body target at various levels of the defense. When we line up in our 4 wide we will utilize rub routes to free up the quick passing game. 

Heavy Inside Zone Run

45/45/10 split this week in the following order, Gibson, Taylor, Dobbins. With the trade of Fletcher Cox we believe we can really feast with our inside zone and we will heavily attack this area of the defense. Alex Ingold will play 10 percent of the offensive snaps and be utilized for several of these inside zone runs. Cuba has some very stout ends but we believe we can get outside of them once our inside zone has them cheating on crashing down so we will also feature outside zone feeding off of the ends aggression to crash inside. 

Chip and Release

Utilizing our backs in the 3 Wide, and 4 Wide looks to chip and then release into patterns we will have our backs look for any blitz pickup then chipping Jordan if no blitz and releasing into routes as a safety net for Burrow. In 2 Back sets we will alternate between keeping each back in to pass block and free releasing the other back. Taylor has shown us some good work as a receiver so far and he will get his fair share of routes out of the backfield. 


Defensive Formations:

We are going with a 3-2-6 formation this week against their 3 Wide offense. If they go to a 2 Back or 2 TE look we will shift to a 3-3-5 formation. And if they go empty we will run a 3-1-7 and play Cover 3 or Cover 2 Zone. We will play Suh at NT, with a rotation of Fatukasi and Jonathan Penisini behind him. Ed Oliver will play LE with Flowers playing RE. Fatukasi will also backup Oliver and Stephen Weatherly will back you Flowers. Joe Schobert and Kenneth Murray will play the 2 LBers. Ceedy Duce will line up in the box and play what we call the Enforcer. Donte Jackson and CJ Henderson will play outside corners with Bryce Callahan in the slot. Bates and Woods will be the safeties. 

Run Defense

Jamaal Williams is a respectable back but he is no Dalvin Cook. We switch to a 3 man front that we believe can still stuff the run and our Lbers fill fast enough to contain their running game. At this point the Cuba passing offense is a greater threat to us so having more bodies to account for this and going less up front is what we believe will lead to success. We will play disciplined gap control football so to not blow any assignments against their run game. 

Pass Defense

We welcome the addition of Donte Jackson to our secondary. If he is healthy enough to play we believe he will make a big difference for our corner unit. If Donte can’t go Callahan moves outside and SMB becomes the nickel. We are going to run heavy Man coverage with a cover 2 shell over the top from our safeties Bates and Woods, to limit the big plays. Ceedy will cover the TE, Joe Schobert will cover the RB, and Kenneth Murray will play a QB spy or blitz. And we plan to bring Murray often. Basically, Watson is his assignment. If they go 4 Wide/1RB Ceedy will cover the 4th WR. Against a 2 RB or 2 TE set Ceedy moves to nickel and Uchenna Nwosu enters the game as a third backer taking over Murray’s Watson role while Ceedy covers the slot WR or TE and Murray covers the RB2 or TE2. If they decide to run an empty we will take Schobert off the field in favor of SMB if Donte plays and he will line up over the fifth receiving option but still play his zone coverage. If Jackson can not play, Darious Williams will enter the game. We will play only Cover 3 or Cover 2 zone against the empty with Murray’s assignment not changing.

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I like both of these teams offenses, even with some questions about Burrow's experience and Bell's legitimacy, both should be answered within the next few weeks.  Biggest disparity I see is Cuba's WRs v. Sac's CBs, I think Cuba has the advantage there.  I'm close to voting for a Burrow lead squad, but I still trust Watson to get the job done when it counts.  Cuba in a close one.

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9 minutes ago, pheltzbahr said:

I like both of these teams offenses, even with some questions about Burrow's experience and Bell's legitimacy, both should be answered within the next few weeks.  Biggest disparity I see is Cuba's WRs v. Sac's CBs, I think Cuba has the advantage there.  I'm close to voting for a Burrow lead squad, but I still trust Watson to get the job done when it counts.  Cuba in a close one.

Bah humbug! Thanks for voting 

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14 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

I'm liking Sacremento for the upset here.  Featuring a part time back is gonna hurt and I think its too insurmountable for Cuba to overcome.  Its puts them behind the chains for to much of the game. 

Hopefully I don’t get penalized too bad for Bell’s situation. He’s been on the same Cuba team through his inconveniences & we generally overlook any acclimation of teams that trade for new pieces.

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