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Week 9 - Patriots/Jets  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Are we better than the hapless Jets?

    • Yes - we will win by 10+ points
    • Yes - but within one score
    • No - this ship keeps sinking
    • No - this ship is sunk, lose by 10+
  2. 2. Does Sony come back and overtake Damien's rush attempts?

    • Damien starts, but winds up with less rush attempts than Sony
    • Damien starts and has more rushing attempts than Sony
    • Sony starts, but winds up with less rush attempts than Damien
    • Sony starts and retakes his main back status with more attempts than Damien
  3. 3. Cam Newton will...

    • Put on the cape against a bad team (50 rush yards, 250 passing yards, 2 TOT TDs)
    • Be mediocre at best, keeping the S on his chest covered up
    • Be SF game bad (<100 yards passing, <25 yards rushing, 2+ INTs)

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  • Poll closed on 11/10/2020 at 01:00 AM

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Just now, Crimmage said:

That was a really sad win.. when you can't even dominate the Jets. I'd have rather lost and given this team a better chance at a future QB. I'm real worried they win 6-7 games and end up in the middle of the league for years. 

I would never rather lose.

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No one got all three this week. Updated standings:

User Total
Iron Man 7
Starless 6
The Third Rider 5
Crimmage 5
Scottish Patriot 5
LD696 4
Deadpulse 4
Hunter 2_1 4
DoleINGOut 3
IheartMyV8 3
atmer 3
m haynes 3
rffournier 2
PatriotsWin! 2
Jakuvious 2
Dan33185 2
Sir A1 1
Fresh Prince 1
dhunt2402 1
jofos 1
Yin Yang 0
Nex_Gen 0
Chaz Standard 0
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Not about to sit here and say that the emergence of Meyers solves this team's issues at WR, because it doesn't, by a long shot. But it definitely gives them more flexibility because now Harry doesn't have to be the go-to guy in pressure situations, and can play out of the slot more. 

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