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BDL 2020 Week 10 - Seoul Dragons @ Sacramento Sasquatch


Seoul Dragons @ Sacramento Sasquatch  

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BDL 2020 Week 10

Match: Seoul Dragons @ Sacramento Sasquatch

Away Owner: @samsel23

Home Owner: @Counselor


Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Seoul Dragons

QB: Jared Goff
RB: Leonard Fournette(90%)
X: Tyler Lockett(90%)
Y:  Curtis Samuel(90%)
LT: Andrew Thomas
LG: Rodger Saffold

C  David Andrews
RG: Brandon Schreff
RT: George Fant
TE: Gerald Everett(90%)
Z: Nelson Agholor(80%)

BenchIOL: Ben Bartch
BenchOT: Cam Clark
RB: Ke”shawn Vaughn(10%)
BenchX/Z:  Tim Patrick(20%)
Bench Y:  Sterling Shepard(10%)
BenchTE: Cameron Brate(10%)

¾ Personnel(70%),  2/4 Nickel Subpackage(30%)

LE:  Tyler Lancaster (90%)
NT:  Brandon Williams (70%)
RE: DJ Jones (70%)
WOLB:  Bradley Chubb(90%)
SILB: Avery Williamson (70%)
WILB: Micah Kiser(90%)
SOLB: Nick Kwiatkoski(100%)
CB: Ronald Darby (95%)
CB: Steven Nelson(95%)
FS: Marcus Williams(95%)
SS: Kyle Dugger(90%)

BenchDL: Maliek Collins(40%)
BenchWOLB: Alton Robinson(40%)
BenchILB: Oren Burks(10%)
BenchSLB: Isaiah Simmons(30%)
BenchCB:  Sean Bunting (10%)
BenchFS: Rodney McCleod(35%)
BenchSS:  K’von Wallace

Sacramento Sasquatch


QB- Joe Burrow 
RB- Antonio Gibson
X- John Brown
Z- Jakobi Meyers
Slot- Tyler Boyd
TE- Noah Fant
LT- Jedrick Wills Jr.
LG- Joe Thuney
C- Garrett Bradbury
RG- Dalton Risner
RT- Rob Havenstein

RB- JK Dobbins
RB- Jonathan Taylor
FB- Alec Ingold
WR- Henry Ruggs
WR- Bryan Edwards
WR- Tyler Johnson 
TE- Dawson Knox
OL- Kelvin Beachum


LE- Sam Hubbard
NT- Dexter Lawrence 
UT- Ndamukong Suh
RE- Shaq Lawson
WLB- Cole Holcomb
MLB- Kenneth Murray
CB- Donte Jackson
CB- CJ Henderson 
Nickel- Bryce Callahan
FS- Jessie Bates
SS- Ronnie Harrison

NT- Foley Fatukasi
RE- Malik Reed
UT- Ed Oliver
OLB- Uchenna Nwosu
CB- Ceedy Duce
CB- Darious Williams
CB- Essang Bassey

S- Jarrod Wilson

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Seoul Dragons


11 Man Personnel (100%)

Gameplan:   We plan to open up the offense with Goff this week.   We will be running with an 11 man personnel for the whole game this week.     We think take advantage of some holes in the secondary this week.    We will be moving Curtis Samuel into the slot this week, we like his chances working against the slot defenders.   Gerald Everett will be working for the slot this week, but if we are struggling with blitzes, will bring him back in to help with chips on the edge.

Running Game:  We won’t be running the ball much this week, We’re going with an 85/15 split passing the ball.   When we do decide to run, we will be operating from the gun and will focus on inside zones.     

 Passing Game:   This will be Jared Goff’s game.   We are building the game plan thinking we’ll be seeing a ton of man coverage this game.     We are sliding Nelson Agholor into the lineup, with Agholor/Lockett on the outside we will be taking shots deep.    Samuel will be used in motion often to see if Goff can get a presnap read on coverage.    We want Samuel and Everett stacked on these motions, if it’s man we think we can get some pretty great looks off this stacked formation.  

QB Gameplan:  Read the defense, take your deep shots.    Find Everett and Samuel in the zones.  

 RB Gameplan: Fournette will be getting the bulk of the playing time, don’t plan on using him the the passing game.   He will be staying in on Pass Pro for the full game.  

WR Gameplan:  Lockett/Agholor – Attack deep sidelines, Samuel- Work the middle of the field.   Our deep shots will be towards the sideline, we won’t be attacking the deep middle of the field.

TE Gameplan:  Split the wide, we are hoping to spread the linebackers out a bit and work Samuel back across the middle.

OL Gamplan:  Pass pro, pass pro.   Sacramento has a good assortment of players along the DL and can come at you from a variety of formations.    We like our IOL and think they will hold up for the most part.    Fournette will be in to protect from interior blitzes, if they come with a standard rush Fournette will be helping on the backside, we’re leaving Goff with the responsibility of getting the ball out quick if they bring pressure off the right side.  


Gamplan:   ¾ Base Defense(70%) ,  2/4 Sub Package(30%)

 Front 7:   We’re hurting a bit up front this week, with Campbell out and Jarrett on bye we will be mixing it up some.    This allows us to get DJ Jones into the lineup a bit more, luckily we feel he will only help the Run Game.  DJ Jones and Brandon Williams will be in for all 70% of our base package.  We won’t be running a typical ¾,  as Nick Kwiatkoski will be lining up at OLB on the Strong side.  We want our DL to be taking up the gaps and allowing our 3 off ball LB’s to clean up the RB’s.    Chubb will be coming off the edge on the weakside.

Coverage:   We will be running mostly cover 1 Man this week,  Darby gets the start and he will be shadowing Henry Ruggs,   Nelson will be shadowing the other outside WR.   Dugger and Kwiatkowski will take the slot and TE.   Williams will be in deep coverage shading towards the Ruggs.  

Edge Gameplan:  Chubb will be the only player we have coming off the edge this week, we are going to have him pin his ears back.    With Dugger playing closer to the line of scrimmage, we can sacrifice his edge and have him concentrate on getting to the QB.

DL Gamplan:  Close up gaps.   With Williams and Jones along the DL, we think we can do a good job of limiting Sacramento’s RB group.  Collins will take the place in sub packages.   Jones and Williams will play exclusively from the base.

LB Gamplan:   Play your keys, with the DL mainly playing gap control we want our ILB’s to key on the RB’s.   Simmons will replace Williamson in subpackages.

CB Gameplan:  Playing mostly man this week.   Darby will take Ruggs and Nelson will match up on the other WR out wide.    If Ruggs is taken out, we won’t have any other WR followed.    Subpackages will include an extra Safety, playing exclusively with 2 CB’s this week.

S Gameplan:  We’ll stick with Cover 1 man out of the base packages.   Williams playing deep and Dugger playing closer to the LOS.    When we transfer to sub packages we will mix in more Cover 2 man principles.   McCleod will come in on subpackages.   Williams and McCleod will take the deep roles while Dugger will stay up close and take on Fant.   

Sacramento Sasquatch

Offensive Attack: RPO/Zone Run/Combo Routes/ Play Action

Play Distribution: 60/40 Pass/Run

Formations: 3 Wide (50%), 2 RB (30%) 4 Wide (10%), 3 Wide Bunch (10%)

Back Snap Percentages: Gibson (55%), Dobbins (45%), Taylor (20%), Ingold (10%)

WR in 2 Back Set: Boyd (100%), Brown (50%), Meyers (30%), Ruggs (20%)

Philosophy: We want to run an uptempo offense. Mix in some no huddle. Combo routes to attack all layers of the defense. Continue to utilize rub route concepts out of our bunch formation for quick high percentage completions. Motion around Fant or backs to determine coverage. If Seoul is in the 4-3 under on early downs utilize our matchup advantages out of 3 Wide and 4 Wide on these early downs to spread the ball around and allow Burrow to pick his matchups. Burrow has the second most completions against single coverage in the NFL. Pick on Steven Nelson often who has given up over 500 yards and 5 TDs this season. Four wide utilizing Henry Ruggs’ speed and explosive to take deep shots. Utilize our backs heavily to chip and pass protect against the blitz. In two back motion out a back into the slot, wing or run routes out of the backfield. We will once again focus on our zone run mixed with RPO’s. We will run a lot of stretch zone as well as inside zone to create a balanced rushing attack. Attack the edges, especially Aldon Smith’s side as he has a 21% missed tackle percentage. We will utilize Alec Ingold in 10% of our 2 Back Sets to pound the ball inside as well as run him on a couple routes. We will boot off of the stretch zone with play action and attack the middle of the defense. 

Defense: Nickel 4-2-5 against 3 Wide and 4 Wide. 4-3-4 against 2 RB or 2 TE. 

DLine Rotation: Hubbard (80% LE), Lawrence (70% NT), Suh (70% UT), Lawson (60% RE), Oliver (30% UT, 20% LE)  Fatukasi (30% NT), Reed (40% RE)

LBer Rotation: (Dependent on Formation of Offense) Murray (100%) Holcomb (75%), Nwosu (25%)

Philosophy: We want to rattle Kyler by bringing pressure. We will bring a combination of our 4 down lineman and a LBer Blitz from Holcomb (60% of the snaps in our Nickel). We will run a variety of stunts to confuse blocking schemes and muddy up Kyler’s rush paths. We run a combination of Cover 2, 3, 6 behind the rush in 3 wide. And mix up zone and man against 2 RB or 2 TE sets. When we play 4-3 Callahan replaces CJ Henderson on the outside. Ronnie Harrison plays in the box in nickel similar to an extra LB. We will rush four against 4 wide with our heavy zone behind it. Malik Reed replaces Lawson as a stand up end on clear passing downs and situations as well as any 4 Wide sets. Run gap discipline. Against 2 Wide we bring in Uchenna Nwosu and the OLB have D Gaps. NT has both A’s, MLB has B, UT has other B, Ends have C’s. Same gap discipline for Nickel except End on Harrison’s side takes B gap and Harrison fits to C. Kenneth Murray will play a middle zone when Holcomb Blitzes and Kyler spy when Holcomb plays zone coverage. 

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It was a bold move to not play Kyler Murray and instead start Jared Goff here.

Two good gameplans, 2 good rosters. What this ultimately came down to for me is, each team imo has good enough OLs, so in the 4th qtr, game on the line, which QB would I rather have?

Well.. to be completely honest, the answer is Joe Burrow.

21-17 Sacramento 

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3 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

It was a bold move to not play Kyler Murray and instead start Jared Goff here.

Two good gameplans, 2 good rosters. What this ultimately came down to for me is, each team imo has good enough OLs, so in the 4th qtr, game on the line, which QB would I rather have?

Well.. to be completely honest, the answer is Joe Burrow.

21-17 Sacramento 

Lsu Football Quarterback GIF by LSU Tigers

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I don't think either team gets a ton of pressure on the QB, but with Seoul literally only have Chubb with an ability to get after the QB I think Burrow finds things a little easier today than Goff does, especially going uptempo and trying to wear some of those boys out.

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26 minutes ago, Jlash said:

I don't think either team gets a ton of pressure on the QB, but with Seoul literally only have Chubb with an ability to get after the QB I think Burrow finds things a little easier today than Goff does, especially going uptempo and trying to wear some of those boys out.

Dexter Lawrence Sport GIF by New York Giants

This guy is bringing it 

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