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The Vikings could end up with the #1 seed

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I had to do a double take on this. Unbeknownst to many, I'll sometimes get drunk (with power) and delete pages and pages worth of a thread. I thought this was the case here, but... it's a brand new thread, so I didn't delete anything...















... Yet.

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23 hours ago, FrantikRam said:

It's unlikely but possible, and in honor of the thread about them potentially getting the number 1 pick, I had to do it:

Vikings - win out - they'll be big favorites for their four remaining home games, plus at Detroit. That leaves unlikely wins having to come at Tampa in week 14 and at New Orleans in week 16 - unlikely, but, possible

Packers - lose one division game plus two others - looking at their schedule, this feels unlikelier than the Vikings winning out, but I'll say that they lose to the Colts, Titans and the Lions

NFC West cannibalizes itself and sends two playoff teams in at 10-6, while one misses out at 9-7

Saints win the South at 11-5, Vikings get the tiebreaker

Bucs in as an 11-5 wildcard


The West and South scenarios are fairly realistic; Vikings winning out is pretty unlikely, Packers dropping three is a little more unlikely to me. But it IS possible.

 Oooh, the big speech!

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1 hour ago, FrantikRam said:


Go for it. But the irony of the thread must have been lost on you.

I mean yeah, it's a contrast to the thread about them getting the number 1 spot in the draft. After 2 weeks of football.

If your point is that thread was waaay premature, I agree with you. But this is FF, where people have high school freshman prospects written in stone as surefire hall of famers already.

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