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Leisher's 2021 Mock Draft #1.


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First, Rodgers isn't going anywhere.  Now, down to business.  The salary cap stuff is a mess, so I am just going to hope Gute and Ball do their magic.

2021 Salary Cap:  -$25,400,000

Restructured Contracts:  Rodgers, Z. Smith, P. Smith and Bak

Extended:  D. Adams, A. Amos

Cuts:  Kirksey, Funches, Wagner and Lowry

2021 Salary Cap:  $20-21,000,000  (I pretty confident that they will get it closer to $26-30m)

Resign:  J. Williams  3yrs/$5m with 30% guaranteed, cap hit $3.75m

Outside FA:  Allen Robinson WR  3yrs/$18m with 60% guaranteed, cap hit $13.5m

RFA and ERFA Signed:  Lancaster, Sullivan, Tonyan, Boyle, Greene and Lazard.


2021 Draft:  (Used Fanspeak.com for draft simulator with Thedraftnetwork.com and Drafttek.com for photos and scouting reports.)

#29. 92e5130a9931235af478331b1e392ad8_Toney.JPG           KADARIUS TONEY WR, Florida

Toney is an electric slot receiver who’s continued to improve every season in Gainesville. He is much more satisfying than his size indicates because he’s electric with or without the ball in his grasp. His ceiling as a route-runner is a bit limited, but he was highly effective with the package that he was asked to run. Toney’s presence is always felt whether or not he has the ball, as he makes defenses account for him even if he’s strictly a motion player.


61.     6e35749dbfe87ac98d00be13fb593053_Eichenberg.JPG       LIAM EICHENBERG  T, Notre Dame

Ideal RoleStarting left tackle (plug-and-play starter).

Scheme FitGap/power heavy rushing offense with featured focus on running off tackle.

Liam Eichenberg is an NFL-ready starting left tackle who should find assimilating to the pro game fairly easy. Eichenberg isn’t the most fleet of foot and speed rushers with wide angles can test him off the edge, but sound fundamentals and footwork should have him positioned to contest such challenges with a fair amount of success. The ceiling for Eichenberg as a prospect is tied to the offensive philosophies of his future coach. He is best when releasing vertically at the snap in the run game and either double-teaming to the second level or stepping down to collapse and create a soft edge. Gap/power teams will unleash his power at the point of attack effectively and he’ll do well to create creases as guards pull or tight ends insert to lead the ball carrier through his gap. In all, Eichenberg is a part of a talented crop of 2021 offensive tackles and his ultimate place in the pecking order will come down to team preferences. He’s more impactful in the run game than he is in pass protection, but he was rather smooth protecting one of college football’s most unpredictable quarterbacks this past season, too. 

#92.    2ea06d6f4b389722cc59f55b56fa1dad_Gainwell.JPG      Kenneth Gainwell RB, Memphis

 A dynamic playmaker in 2019, Gainwell has good vision, elusiveness, footwork, pass-catching ability, and a surprising amount of power given his build. Memphis featured him as both a runner and receiver and his pass-catching skills should be a big part of his role in the NFL. The Tigers got him involved in the screen game and from the slot, where he features good route-running skills, reliable hands, and creativity in space. With only one year of time at the running back position in a spread offense like Memphis, Gainwell has a considerable transition ahead of him to the NFL. His frame is somewhat long and lean and he would be well-served to bulk up to fill out his frame but also add functional strength. Gainwell has the potential to become the focal point of an NFL backfield as a multifaceted weapon. 

Ideal RoleFeatured back that plays some in the slot and is featured heavily in the passing game. 

Scheme FitSpread, wide zone.

#131.     44b3d432c9d62e48323b82ef26566c16_McNeill.JPG     Alim McNeill DE, NC State

PROS: Good athlete with good explosiveness. Features above average lateral quickness and his pursuit effort is outstanding. His best moments on tape come when he’s tasked with shooting gaps and serving as a penetration-style player. He’s pretty slippery through gaps and his blend of burst, flexibility and functional strength enables him to clear contact and disrupt. Has a sufficient anchor to hold up against single blocks and he competes against doubles. Does well to place his hands and win with first contact to play with extension and help him control reps at the point of attack. Raw traits blend together to make him an effective interior penetration although more technique is required. 

CONS: Has to do a better job maintaining his leverage and his pad level tends to increase throughout the snap. Has room to improve his processing skills and how he reads blocks to better position himself as a finisher. Has success shooting gaps but he doesn’t always finish reps with ideal body control. Needs to do a better job working to the edges of blocks when pass rushing. Has a solid foundation of traits to develop his pass rushing skill set but he needs to develop more variety with his rush moves and learn how to best deploy his rush. 

#137.     photo of 2021 NFL Draft prospect NixonDaviyon.jpg     Daviyon Nixon IDL/DE, Iowa

Iowa defensive tackle Daviyon Nixon projects as a prototypical 3T even front defender at the next level. Nixon has very good spring and burst out of his stance to shoot gaps and create havoc in the backfield. In a class that is sorely lacking in potential splash defenders along the defensive interior, Nixon may well be a prospect that is in high demand this April. Enjoying a booming season in 2020, Nixon burst onto the scene as an NFL draft prospect after a relatively quiet redshirt sophomore season with the Hawkeyes in 2019. A JUCO transfer, Nixon is a third-year Hawkeye who has left a significant mark on the 2020 season against every team he crossed. Nixon has good length, violent and urgent hands, and the athletic ability to parlay his strong season into a starting role at the NFL level; although he may require some patience to reach that same level of impact as he’s only now starting to put it all together in the college ranks. This is a high ceiling prospect, but I wouldn’t consider him anything close to a finished product yet. 

Ideal RolePenetration style 3-technique.

Scheme FitEven front, single-gap front.

#172.     ad2e3aecfd15bb50a473de42d4c6131a_Tyler%20Shelvin.png

A 5-star recruit in 2017, LSU defensive lineman Tyler Shelvin redshirted his first year on campus, found some playing time as a redshirt freshman in 2018, and showcased his dominant run-stopping ability as a starter in 2019 before opting out of the 2020 season. Shelvin is a straightforward evaluation—he’s a massive interior defensive lineman who is outstanding against the run but doesn’t offer much on passing downs outside of pushing the pocket. Shelvin isn’t a dynamic run defender simply because he’s big and strong, he knows how to fit his hands, find the football, disengage, and finish. Shelvin plays with tremendous urgency on every snap and competes hard in pursuit despite limited range. He’s dominant against single blocks and more than holds his own against doubles. For a guy who is going to be asked to fill an unselfish role in the NFL, he embraces taking on blocks, absorbing double teams, eating space, and keeping the second-level clean. Shelvin has the makings of a dominant run-stuffing 3-4 nose tackle or 4-3 one-technique, but his value is limited to running downs. 

Ideal RoleEarly-down run defender.

Scheme Fit3-4 nose tackle, 4-3 1-technique.

#174.      2c19f233c621f898f2f73e3b1a716840_Taylor.JPG   Keith Taylor CB, Washington

#209.      9c369bd3e8944c617584b7060a59461d_Banks.JPG      Aaron Banks G, Notre Dame 
#216      298eacbc14a435f0badeed0ce56d1ab8_Volson.JPG     Cordell Volson T, N. Dakota St.
#250.     photo of 2021 NFL Draft prospect JacksonDrake.jpg     Drake Jackson C, Kentucky




  • FSEC - East
  • JERSEY#4
  • HT5'11"
  • DOB--
  • WT189bs
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Too much invested in WR and I don't really see a reason to cut Wagner here, he's held up really well on a relatively cheap contract for us. You keep that OL together, on top of I don't see the reason to bring in Robinson if you're going to address the WR position with a 1st round pick. Just think that's too much resources into one position, on a year that resources are scarce for everyone.

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Let me start at the beginning.

First off, I don't see the Packers kicking that much salary down the road.  Don't think they're restructuring Z, Preston Smith and Bakh.  Think a Rodgers' restructure makes sense if he's wanting more security later on and more money opened up now to create more cap space.

Secondly, an Amos extension is a year too early here.  No real incentive to extend him with 2 years left on his contract.

$5M/year is way too much for a backup RB like Jamaal Williams.  That's fringe starting RB, elite backup RB money.  He's probably closer to $2.5M-$3M IMO.

Signing Allen Robinson and then drafting a WR after extending Davante Adams is overkill.  You're okay with Lazard and MVS as your #2 and #3 WRs for next year, but you're drafting for next year.  Don't think Toney would get much burn as a rookie unless he offers ST value.

Really not a fan of Eichenberg.  Seems like a really bland OL.

Really don't see the logic in drafting another Day 2 RB when you selected AJ Dillon with a SRP last year and you re-signed JW to a 3 year deal.

Overall, you made OL significantly worse, you are missing your other boundary CB, and pushing a ton of salary towards future years.  That's not a recipe for success IMO.

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I watch essentially zero NCAA football so look at these mocks to start getting an idea of who’s out there and what kind of expectations the players have.  I have no grounds to criticize or endorse most players.

I will say I have looked at Daviyon Nixon a bit after seeing  his name pop up. He’s intriguing and Iowa has a great rep for linemen in general. I have seen him going early second to third round, way earlier that you have him here.

No one truly knows but I think he will go early and we’ll have to commit to the pick if we want him. 

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I like some of the moves, in particular the restructures.

-Not a fan of Allen Robinson. I like the player, but we have big tall bodies already (with that said, like the Toney pick)

-We kind of have to keep Wagner as a hedge for Bak. His cap hit isn't bad

-without King, we need some corner help. It is going to be Jaire.... Sulivan... Taylor/Jackson/Hollman/UDFA. That is putting us a tweaked ankle from 2016.

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As already said, more corner help needed.

Re-structures as a whole not happening.  Bak?  Rodgers likely (although I hope we don't bury ourselves later) and maybe Z

LOVE your D-Line picks.  No way Nixon lasts that late.  He will go much sooner.  Would love to see him here though.

Innovative with a lot of moving parts, nice job overall

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