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Do Veteran NFL QBs get Special Treatment?


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Alex Smith is brilliant:

He took SF to the NFCCG and only lost because Kyle Williams muffed 2 punts.

  • He was something like 85% completions and 150 rating in his last 2 games before a minor injury 
  • He lost his job.

He led KC to a 50-26 record and led the NFL in passer rating in 2017.

  • He lost his job

Now he thinks the way the NFL works is that veteran QBs are supposed to get special treatment?


Drew Bledsoe did not get special treatment in New England.

Joe Montana did not get special treatment in SF. (he had Steve Young in his face from 1987-1992)

Peyton Manning did not get special treatment in Indy. (tossed like garbage after an injury as they bought a new model)

His brother got Geno'd in NY and then replaced by Daniel Jones.

Elway did not get special treatment (Tommy Maddox in 1992)

Brett Favre did not get special treatment in Green Bay when they drafted some egomaniac to be his backup.

Russell Wilson was denied special treatment in Seattle.

Rivers went to the Colts.

Kenny Stabler finished with the Oilers

Joe Namath with the Rams

McNabb got traded in-division.

Kurt Warner got Bulgered in St Louis

Dak did not get special treatment in 2020 and only financial leverage got him what he wanted in 2021.

Same was true for Cousins in DC

Part of what made Brady great in NE is that he did not want or get special treatment.

  • No, bringing 2 great players with you to Tampa because they only want to play with you is not special treatment from your GM



So who are all these special treatment QBs?


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The best is that Rodgers is so offended because Green Bay views him differently now that he is a 26-6 QB with an MVP compared to a 10-12-1 QB the 2 years before that.

Imagine an NFL team deciding how they view a player based on if they are winning and if he is playing well?

It works for everyone else, but Aaron needs special treatment. 

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Oh there’s some of them for sure.  

Aaron Rodgers is one of them.  A very petty individual who gets overly sensitive for stupid reasons.   They draft a QB and don’t communicate that to him.  So, even when the team has the plans to oust him, he still runs his mouth enough for them to turn the tables to do everything to keep him.  Rodgers is an overly immature liability.  

Funny thing is that Alex Smith is defending him.  

As much as I hate to admit it, Ben Roethlisberger also gets special treatment.  Colbert openly admits that Ben is like the boss of the team and some of the players had every God given right to be pissed by that statement.  Some of them definitely handled that wrong though. 

Then, there’s Patrick Mahomes with his baseball contract, so no further explanation needed.  

Tom Brady had a lot of special treatment in New England when he basically got to walk out on his own terms.  They could have easily treated him like Drew Bledsoe years beforehand but I guess you can call the shots when you’ve won 6 Super Bowls with a full blown case of Asperger’s syndrome.  

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Ben was 12-3 with 33 TDs to 10 picks last year. (yes, his arm was not as strong as before (but not Rivers level flabby))

The Steelers desperately needed him to restructure.

He got nothing for it. No guaranteed years or extra pay. Just voidable years so they can eat some cap hit next year when they let him go.

No job security for 2022.


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If this is in response to the Alex Smith interview with Colin Cowherd, you took VERY different things out of that than any sane person did. Alex just said Rodgers deserved communication around the Love pick. Exactly the same thing that Alex got when KC picked Mahomes. So if Alex is saying Rodgers deserves special treatment, then yes, Smith himself also got special treatment.

And honestly, that's not a vet QB thing, that's not a QB thing, that's not even an NFL thing. That's just reasonable professional leadership. When you make a decision that impacts the future of your employees, you communicate that. They don't have the ability to say no, but they should be informed. It would simply have been the easy and reasonable thing to go to Rodgers when you were scouting Love, and say hey, we're thinking about doing this, and this is what it would mean for your future with the Packers. That's all they needed to do. Instead, they blindsided him on draft day and have continuously failed to communicate around his future, and thus, fallout.

I don't like Rodgers, I think he's kind of a prick, but I absolutely think the situation Green Bay is in with him was 100% avoidable if they weren't also pricks throughout this whole thing.

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This is about Rodgers being an elitist who thinks he is better than other QBs and better than his teammates.

No one has tenure in the NFL but he thinks he deserves it. Its about him and not team.

Its the Jeff George school of leadership.


A QB has nothing to do with team building unless its that free agents are drawn to them by their leadership and personality. (that's not Rodgers)

If Alex Smith was not told by Harbaugh and was told by Reid, it just means Reid did him a favor that he was not owed.

If being nice about firing you is this great gift, that is.


Alex Smith is by all accounts a nice guy and a team guy so the odds of him leaking the Chiefs plans were about zero.

Rodgers is a snake so the odds of him leaking the Packers plans were about 90%.



The Colts business needs no longer fit an expensive 36 year old QB coming off an injury.

They cut him. Getting cut or traded is what poor baby A-A-Ron is afraid of, hence the tenure request of a restructure.

They could have traded the #1 pick for a kings ransom and rebuilt around Manning. They chose Andrew Luck instead.

Were the Colts nice to Manning when they cut him? Yes

Was Manning a far better teammate than Rodgers as relates to front office and players? Yes

He still did not get special treatment tenure in Indy.

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