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Week 8: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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I have zero faith in this team. Incredible that I'm saying that a few weeks removed from us beating the Lions and Patriots back-to-back on the road... Can't run the ball. Can't take the ball away. A recipe for losing unless Cam goes nuts again and carries the team on his back.

I mean, typically I would be positive about Tampa having an injured secondary. But it doesn't really matter. New Orleans was missing like half of their starters when we played them and they destroyed us... AT HOME.

So who knows, really. But I'm gonna guess this is another soul crushing loss.

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I'm not sure if this team has what it takes to get back to the Super Bowl (especially without a bye) and I have no confidence in Shula improving as a play-caller.  However, I think we're kind of underrating the team if we don't have confidence in them.  Saints and Eagles were good teams we lost to and despite all the TOs, we were still very much so in the game against Philly.  Bears game was a mixture of bad luck and the Bears being a better team than people give them credit for.  Their defense is legit and Fangio is a great coordinator.  Passing game is the only major weakness they have.

I still think we can make it back to the playoffs.  As of now anyway.  If we lose to the Bucs, it might be time to jump off the ledge.

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