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Bears (3-3) at Bucs (5-1)

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Curious to see if Hicks plays on Sunday.  He was nursing a groin injury and appeared to be limping in the 4th qtr.

Hopefully the Bucs get Gronk and Winfield back.  Can t afford to look ahead to Jameis Bowl I next week.

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Comes down to red zone offense for the Bucs.  Last year, settled for too many FGs.  Da Bears probably won t have a lot of long drives into the red zone.  Force them to match TDs.

The Bucs offense ran the ball pretty well last year.  They didn t get the job done on their second last drive trying to run the clock out.  Credit to the Bears D.  

Bucs break even in the turnover battle and get at least to the high 20s, I just don t see how the Bears offense can match.  Fields is a rookie with a lot of potential, but a long way to go 

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I don't think the Bucs defense will be better than average until they reach the bye. So the Bears could have some success moving the ball. But the Bears offense is also really bad.

The Bears defense is pretty good but it's obvious that the Tampa Bay offense is incredibly tough to contain without crowd noise.

This should be a beatdown, TB has to eliminate those stupid penalties though.

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