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Jocks and Straps @ KC


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So I want to let you all in on a secret and you are going to hate me for it. Im afraid to say it.......

I kinda wanted to lose that game. I truly believe this team has what it takes to go to the bowl. Beating a team twice in 1 season is really hard. The Chiefs will represent the AFC.... We are going to represent the NFC.... 


Liken it to 07 Giants/Pats. Lose the regular season game so that you can win the superbowl game. 

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GB: I have to give on to the D. They did there part even tho we lost.

JS: God damn...we're to start. The whole offense just all of them. O-line was bad. WR's dropping balls.

Even tho they missed our hit to the head on the QB...honorable mention to the refs (not why we lost tho, just bitching)

Calling a facemask 10 minutes after the play.

No PI at the goal line.

No PI on Schultz late in the 4th.


***What do we do with @Matts4313 ???

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JS:  OL - how can Aikman and Buck go on about how great the Cowboys OL is?  Not this version.  The current left side of the OL is a major question mark.  Their poor play exposes Biadasz even more.

Dak:  One of the worst games he has played in recent memory.

McCarthy:  ridiculous clock management, again.

GB:  Parsons and the D played well.  Quinn is a genius.  I can't wait until we get healthy on the DL and OL.

Shake it off and move on.


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26 minutes ago, HDsportsfan said:

Perspective.......Titans lose at home to Houston and Bills lose badly. Like Denver, it happens.


At least 2 of our 3 losses have been against good teams, lose by 2 and 9. Only true dud loss was Denver.

Agree but if we knew we were going to hold KC to 19 points at home how many of us would have thought we would lose the game?  That's why the game gets played I guess.

How many of us thought we would have combined for 28 points?  This game is weird at times.

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