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Best Batman in a fight tournament: Rest of rd 1


Batman battle  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which batman wins in a fight

    • Batman(ben affleck)
    • Batman(val kilmer)
  2. 2. Which batman wins in a fight

    • Batman (adam west)
    • Batman (christian bale)
  3. 3. Which batman wins the fight

    • Batman (michael keaton
    • Batman (george clooney)

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Here we are going to track status on the Best Batman to win in a fight(not who you like best)

Tournament (randomly generated seeds)

1) Ben Affleck

2) Adam West

3) Michael Keaton
4)  Robert Pattinson
5) Robert Lowery
6)  George Clooney
7) Christian Bale
8 ) Val Kilmer

First round

Batman (Robert Pattinson)vs Batman( Robert Lowry)

Batman(Ben Affleck)




vs Batman( Val Kilmer)




Batman (Adam West)




vs Batman( Christian Bale)



Batman (Michael Keaton)




vs Batman(George Clooney)




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1 hour ago, biggie. said:

Controversial opinion: George Clooney would have made a good Batman if he had a better director and writer to work with.

Yeah for real esp as Bruce Wayne.  I know Clooney has fallen on that sword repeatedly over the years but the blame solely rests on Schumacher. 

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