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Brady joining Fox Sports when he retires


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Strange timing for sure

My thoughts are - I think Tom had always eluded to playing till 45 which meant a 3 year contract with the Bucs as long as they gave him a chance to be competitive. 

Last years whooping by the Rams hurt for everyone so I'm sure he was giving some thought abut his future but then the whole meida circus that followed forced Toms hand a bit  so he decided to retire early because of that pressure. Then ulitmately fell back on that plan because it wasn't what he really wanted. 

I know Toms a competitor and only wants to win - but with his increased media presence lately, groing Brady brand and now this news I think it's all angling for a Brady farewell tour season.. And I'm ready for it. Should be a lot of prime time games and he defintiely gives us a shot at a Superbowl. Plus a 3rd season in Pewter helps make the Bucs a bigger part of his statisitcal legacy and he in ours. 

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