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Is this the Bucs turning point?


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14 hours ago, NeptunePenguins said:

I also honestly forgot to factor in the jet lag which I saw was brought up on the other thread. Even though the distance is close to the same, flight wise, the Seahawks are gonna be dealing with worse jetlag for sure. Not that it had a huge effect on the game idk for sure.

When did the Seahawks travel? If they went over early in the week, they should have been adjusted by the time the game rolled around.

Worst case, they needed to adjust by 3-4 hours to simulate a 1pm eastern kick off. Jet lag is only as bad as the time you’re trying to adjust to.

Wouldn't make any sense for the Seahawks (or the Bucs for that matter), to try to fully adjust to local time.

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The turning point came when the Panthers decided to keep Matt Rhule and piecemeal another QB, the Falcons decided to wait on QB until 2023 and let Mariota run the show, and the Saints had Sean Payton retire and decided to hire Dennis Allen (who we will likely find out has a relative who is married to Andy Dalton's family, it's the only explanation for why a TO-prone Dalton is starting over a healthy Jameis Winston at this point).

The Bucs could be 8-9 and win the division at this point.  They'll probably end up 9-8 or 10-7, but man....it's an ugly division.

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