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Kyrie can dribble fancy and shoot but sucks at everything else. The C's got a little better on defense with this move. 

The trade is basically a wash except that the Cavs will get a high 1st round pick out of it which will help them rebuild when Lebron leaves.

The Cs are going to be able to keep getting better because of the trades they made several years ago which gave them Brooklyn's picks and I think they have someone  else's too. On top of that, Stevens is great at developing young talent because he had to do it so much in college. The guys that come into the NBA now are mostly freshmen/sophomores in college and he relates to them well.

I can't say the wiz will never get over the hump but the D.C. Curse is alive and well!

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Looks like DeShon Kizer will be the starter in Cle & I heard the Browns are shopping Brock... go figure!

Bryce Petty throws three touchdowns before leaving with knee injury 

http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/26/bryce-petty-throws-three-touchdowns-before-leaving-with-knee-injury/ via @ProFootballTalk‬

Hackenberg threw two pick sixes. lol ? 

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