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Vikings sign DL Dean Lowry (2 yrs/$8.5M)

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14 hours ago, vikingsrule said:

Long term assets are acquired through the draft. Free agency in most cases should be used to fill gaps along the way. 

They have no draft picks..... And aren't doing anything to acquire more. Does anyone think this is a serious contender? 

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33 minutes ago, Kparty15 said:

I’m still not convinced that we are getting rid of Za’darius Smith this year.  With how much blitzing this new defense will use I wouldn’t be surprised to see looks where Hicks leaves the field and ZaDarius slides into the other MLB spot and Davenport moves into ZaDarius’ OLB spot.  Hicks is already a liability in coverage so it’s not like it would be a huge difference between him and ZaDarius in that spot.  At the same time ZaDarius gets his best pressures up the middle.  Davenport is great at getting pressure and setting the edge which can keep QBs from rolling away from ZaDarius..



Didn't Za'Darius demand to be traded, put him house up for sale, thanked the fans on social media etc.


No way should he be here next season if he wants out or wants more money when he is already getting a lot.  To me Smith cannot play ILB, he was a DT rusher in a multiple front last year, not a ILB usually.  I still say Davenport is a DE most of the time but maybe they honestly play more 3/3/5 defense then the standup OLB would be Hunter if there is one but would rush most of the time so could be more of a 4/2/5.


Still if Za-Darius Smith is here next, it was pretty foolish to get Davenport unless he is a 3/4 DE, because the OLB/edge group is the strongest group on the team if Z. Smith is there along with Hunter, Wonnum, Jones and potentially Weaver or Willekes.   They trade Z. Smith most likely just what can they get for him, would be great to get a 2nd rounder but not sure he is worth that or not.  What Stephon Gilmore was traded for a 5th rounder....  Basically is then we want to trade this guy so you pay his contract instead...



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5 hours ago, PrplChilPill said:

They have no draft picks..... And aren't doing anything to acquire more. Does anyone think this is a serious contender? 

I think they'll trade back to get more unless there is a qb available

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This is the same play on both but still, dude can play and is a force on the DL.  Pretty surprised he was signed for so cheap.  


Not sure Tomlinson or Phillips last year could get that type of a rush.  





6-6 300 pounds basically, dude is a solid athlete.  Sure Packers are putting Devonte Wyatt in his place but no way Wyatt is as good against the run or as strong at the point of attack.   


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