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On 9/3/2023 at 7:41 PM, Forge said:

Can't say I love breece as rb2. He's basically me RB 4 right now and I'm having a lot of buyers remorse. 

Get ready to drop that SF defense, or at least start another team in week one. I think Bosa is missing games. 

I like the outlook of team 2 a lot

Outlook of team 2 just took a dump after Kupp hit the IR. Need to hope that Flowers, Bateman or whoever I scoop off the wire can hold down the WR3 spot and Lockett and Sutton aren't inconsistent turds on a week-to-week basis. Always fun losing your #1 pick before a game is played. I knew the risk and that risk was the only reason I got him at 12 but I wasn't expecting 4 games (and probably more).

I basically punted RB on team 1. The board was brutal after I decided to take Mahomes early. Would've probably been better off taking Davante and then a RB at 12/13 and hope to land Burrow/Herbert/Lamar at the 3/4 turn. Davante and one of Henry/Chubb/Jacobs/Pollard then Burrow/Lamar/Herbert and Etienne at the 3/4 looks better. Then again, Etienne probably doesn't fall there if I take RB at 13. Guess the next RB2 level guy would be Pierce or Stevenson.

I basically went one strat the first night and then switched it up the 2nd night and obviously night 2 looks like it turned out better sans Kupp going down for 4+ games.

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