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Caden Sterns out for year with torn patellar tendon


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At this point, and the Sterns injury - I do wish him the best and a speedy recovery - doesn’t really matter. 

I’ve been here all my life, 41 years, and I don’t want to make it sound like I’m “abandoning” the team as I’m not, but at this point, why care? It’s really the same with my CSU Rams. 

If you can’t beat one of the worst teams in the league (and the Raiders won’t win more than 6 games) at home, why bother? We can’t even score 17, in good weather, against a bad defense, who cares? 

Sean might still be a good coach. Might be. But he can’t turn chicken sh!t into chicken soup in 16 games. 

I watch the Broncos and I watch CSU and, after so many years of crap, why keep stressing about? There’s so much good, fun to watch, intriguing football going on across the country, why keep wasting my time? 

If I can afford to eat a ribeye, why am I forcing myself into trying to swallow ground chuck? 

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Poor guy. It's an awful injury, and one which isn't easy to come back from me.

Todd Davis said on the DNVR pod that Justin Simmons had really been bigging up him for this season, operating under Vance Joseph who uses a lot of those LB/s hybrid roles.



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