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Week 11 GDT: Titans(3-6) @ Jaguars(6-3)


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5 minutes ago, deeluxx3 said:

These games are all washes for Levis as far as I’m concerned. I’m personally not taking anything good/bad away from them. Some plays he looks terrible, some he shows the skills

but with the way this offense is … he’s just a victim of circumstance as are the other ten guys 

it's profoundly frustrating that the titans are so ungodly bad that they've taken away the one single thing that might have been interesting about the rest of this season

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4 minutes ago, twotonebluenation said:

Which sucks. I hope we can at least get a couple more games where we get healthy looks him, to prepare for the off season.

Same. Also, those saying Stroud would be doing any better with this team I wouldn’t be so convinced. I mean this team is just awful and Stroud, like Levis is a rookie and he’s showing that today as well. 

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Just now, -Hope- said:

listen i'm as critical of vrabel as anyone but there's no point in him calling timeouts just so levis can run out there and get killed

Wow, we actually said the same thing at the same And for once agreed. There’s a positive from today’s game for me. 😂😂

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I've been calling for firing Vrabel for a year and a half...but time outs there just puts unnecessary risk in Levis' health. 

All of the disfunction, softness, indiscipline play, and lack of a game plan that makes us competitive...those are my reasons for being ready to move on fro MV.

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