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15 hours ago, Armbar said:

I don’t think he’s talented enough to be a diva. He reminds me on-field of the crappier Steve Smith (NYG). Good player, but if Steve Smith were a knucklehead, he wouldn’t have really been worth keeping around. 

I know Steve Palazzolo at PFF has Burton as WR 4 (though its a bit of a self-admitted hot take ranking from him) so there is real talent there but he has some of the biggest personality red flags we've seen in a hot minute. We joked about AD Mitchell earlier, but Burton is the real Steelers steal WR this year if Tomlin has the stomach for it.

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On 4/19/2024 at 2:36 PM, Forge said:

4 high schools in 4 years, I believe? 

Dane Brugler said on the athletic podcast a couple of weeks ago that he found himself at odds and in the doghouse with both the UGA and Alabama coaching staff while in college. So there's some real question about his coachability and locker room presence, which may be a big problem for nfl guys. 

And then obviously the situation with the fan that he hit. 

Shame too. I really like him as a player. Like him more than I Like guys like Troy Franklin. Without the off field concerns, he's easily a second round pick for me. I took him at the end of round 3 for the Chiefs in a recent mock draft, but if he doesn't go until like the 5th, I wouldn't be shocked at all. 


It definitely helps fill in some of the gaps to why he show flashes of real talent and feels like he should more consistently be a better receiver than he often is.  Before i was really aware of all the extent of his attitude/off field issues, i found him a bit of an enigma.  Now it kind of makes sense.  He's probably just a real headcase.

For some guys, that gets better once they get to the Pros and land with the right organization that gets them on track as a professional.  But more often than not, handing them a bunch of money tends to steer things in the opposite direction.


Still not really sure how much that impacts his draft stock for me.  With just a more general notion of the issues and not able to interview the guy, those kind of issues are always the hardest to evaluate and account for as an armchair scout.

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