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Which game will be closer? Michigan/Bama or Washington/Texas?


Which game will be closer?  

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  1. 1. Which game will be closer?

    • Michigan/Bama
    • Washington/Texas

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4 hours ago, naptownskinsfan said:

I’m thinking we should merge with the playoff discussion thread, but I’ll give the OP and anyone else who wants to chime in a chance.  

I wanted to see what people thought in terms of which matchup was better. So it helps with a Poll of it's own 

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2 hours ago, MWil23 said:

Bama many think shouldn’t have gotten in and Michigan effectively in the eyes of most people outside of a solitary city in Michigan cheated their way into the CFP.

Most don’t actually care. Almost everyone with a background in football no’s it’s a over blown media hype to sell clicks.  Everyone is pretty much in agreement that Ohio State runs one of the dirtier programs in the country over the past 20 years however.  I’m sure knowing Michigan may have had your signs, while you also had there signs and an entire roster built on ncaa violations makes you  feel better about all the pizza the buckeyes have been eating though 

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