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Per PK: We're moving on from Tart


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It was off from the jump for Tart this year. Between the contract dispute leading up to the season, the injuries, Jeffery Simmons comment about finding the guys who really want to play, followed by Tart doing a cryptic tweet pretty much subtweeting Big Jeff, the lack of consistent play, it was just not great this year. Pretty disappointing for a guy in a contract year and the complete opposite of how guys who were previously rewarded with a 2nd contract here acted. It's kinda a blessing that his true colors were somewhat revealed before we handed him a contract.

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it's baffling from his perspective, honestly. i get not being thrilled about the RFA tender situation but at the end of the day if he had continued to play at the level he had the past few years he would've gotten a nice hefty bag from us or somebody else. now he's probably gonna end up on a one-year prove it deal somewhere, which is more or less the situation he was already in. i don't understand what advice he could have been getting.

from the team's perspective i'm just surprised we didn't ship him off at the trade deadline (and a little disappointed, though hindsight is 20/20).

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17 hours ago, TitanSlim said:

More validity to Jeffery Simmons comments earlier this year. Also, not saying it won’t work out for him longterm, but it’s just more proof he played this all wrong this year.

Barely made it to the NFL. 

Was at a Community college, got an offer from Alabama but offer withdrawan after being cut at the community college. 

History of character flaws. 

History of making bad decisions. 

Hard to root for someone like him. 

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