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5 up, 5 down


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1. Amari Effin Cooper.  Dude is a bonafide stud.  Hard stop.

2. Za’Darius.  Stepped up with Myles clearly not right.  Played over Tunsil a large part of the game and gave him the business a few times.

3. Elite Dragon Joe Flacco. God has he been good and so fun to watch.

4. Denzel.  I think they threw at him like once and he damn near picked it. M

5. Njoku.  Once again stepping up and making plays.

* Bonus. Stefanski.  On the road, down a kicker and punter and you boat race ‘em.  Coach of the Year.



1. Jerome Ford.  Didn’t do much at all.  Went down on first contact and didn’t make many people miss.  Gonna need more.

2. Penalties.  I thought some of the calls on Emerson were ticky tacky, but they still can’t keep happening.  

3. injuries (as per usual).  Our kicker and punter in the same game?  That can’t have happened before.

4. The reserves on defense.  I get you’re missing some studs, but christ they weren’t even a speed bump for that offense on the way to the end zone.  Unacceptable.

5. To pair with #4, letting our foot off the gas a drive or two too early.

*bonus.  Kicking the ball short of the end zone.  With our defense we don’t need to get cute.  Make them go 75 yards every time.

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1. Joe Flacco. Dude isnplaying with house money. 

2. Cooper. 

3. Viable middle of the line. 

4. The Myles garrett affect. 

5. Newsome. He is like a foster kid. Didn't want him. But he was good today. 


1. Ford, Hunt, the left tackle not much juice. Remember when we botched about Jed? 

2. Defense without starters. 

3. Buba

4. Injuries. 

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1. Stefanski - heck of an offensive game plan, love all the big shots we took

2. Flacco - aside from the obvious big plays, he made a couple really savvy ones on 3rd down or when escaping pressure

3. Cooper - 100 Madden rating yesterday

4. D-line - loved some of the interior pressure we were getting from them

5. Secondary - the starters played lights out


1. Ventrone - got his rear end handed to him, his units let them run one back and recover an onside kick. Prieferesque! Plus, that runback we gave up was the play DHop got injured on trying to do the coverage team's job for them.

2. Injuries - now our pro bowl kicker and punter are hurt?

3. Defensive backups - to be fair I guess these are mostly 3rd and 4th stringers with all our injuries, but still...

4. Communications networks in the Tetons

5. AFC Math - Crazy that we haven't clinched a spot yet


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19 minutes ago, candyman93 said:

Njoku needs to be our most physically imposing weapon on offense. You can’t defend these. You win playoff games with guys like him when a game is tight.



I feel like this is what inexperienced QBs don’t understand, guys like he and Amari are open when they’re not open.  You’ve got to make sure you can put it in the right spot and all that, but you’ve got to give them a chance to make a play.

Good quarterbacks and good offenses make defenses make plays and stop their best players.  They don’t just keep looking for someone to be college open.

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Special teams gets a double down.

Because they couldn't do their jobs and cover a kickoff, Hopkins got injured trying to make a tackle.

And because Hopkins was out, Corey B was injured on the ensuing kickoff.

And because the are incompetent, they don't cover an onside kick - keeping an inferior team in a game they never should have been in.

Beautiful just fricking beautiful....

Now get off my football team. 

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