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Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26)


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I love that they didn't show too much and didn't even show Hugh.

Also didn't even realize until I watched it again that the guy that says "God I love this part" was Pyro from x-men 2.

Also am I crazy or was that shatterstar in the birthday scene? So does the TVA show up before the events of Deadpool 2?

Curious on that cause while Wade went back and saved Vanessa and Peter, shatterstar should still be dead.

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I really enjoyed that trailer.

Three fun things from the trailer:


The bald person we see in silhouette is likely Cassandra Nova, Charles Xaviers evil "twin".
There appears to be a shot of someone being eaten by Alioth in the void at the end of time.
And Patch, in the casino type room it looks like Wolverine in white suit facing away from the camera, that's likely his alter ego Patch and probably not the main Wolverine who will be in the movie (if I had to guess.


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9 hours ago, Acgott said:

I need to rewatch the Deadpools. Totally forgot about about the time travel.

Well with them going the TVA route with Deadpool the effects of the previous Deadpool time travel scene are basically irrelevant because if Deadpool is with the TVA he can go to any time he wants.

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I was very much disinterested in the first Deadpool because the trailers made it seem like "internet memes, the movie", which I thought was stupid. I was very wrong though and it was a funny, good time. This trailer makes Deadpool 3 look like "Marvel easter eggs, the movie", which isn't interesting to me, but I'm very much willing to give it the benefit of the doubt given what happened with the first movie. I don't even mind all the easter eggs and callbacks as long as they mean more than just "hey, remember this?" in the broader point of the movie.

I hope this movie being tasked with having to tie a bunch of pieces of the MCU together doesn't ruin it as a standalone, fun movie. I'm tired of the impacts to the broader universe taking precedence over making good movies or tv shows.

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