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The Book on John DeFilippo


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39 years old
College QB: James Madison University
2007-2010: QB Coach [Oakland Raiders, NYJ, San Jose St]
2011: OC [San Diego St]
2012-2014: QB Coach [Oakland Raiders]
2015: OC [Cleveland Browns]
2016-2017: QB Coach [Philadelphia Eagles]

What to like about his resume, well he has been on the ground floor of the development of Derek Carr and Carson Wentz and clearly has the experience the Bears want in developing young QBs.

He has called plays for 2 season, 1 in the NFL, so he does have some experience in the game day operation of calling an offense.

He has been in demand and the Eagles blocked him from becoming the Jets OC this season.

In total he has 11 years of experience working directly with QBs.


*Our game pass system in Canada [DAZN] does not offer games as far back as 2015 so this is going to be a combination of looking at the Browns numbers and what the Eagles are going to do.

The Cleveland Browns Offense:

QB: Austin Davis, Johnny Manziel
RB: Isiah Crowell, Duke Johnson [Rookie]
WR: Travis Benjamin, Dwayne Bowe's corpse, Brain Hartline, Terrelle Pryor [1st year at WR]
TE: Gary Barnidge

*This is not a talented offense in the least so obviously talent plays a huge role in production.

Passing: 371/609, 3782 yards, 20 TDs, 12 Int

Josh McCown [8 starts]: 63.7%, 2109, 12 TDs, 4 Int
Johnny Maziel [6 starts-10 games]: 57.8%, 1500, 7 TDs, 5 Int
Austin Davis [2 starts-3 games]: 59.6%, 547 yards, 1 TD, 3 Ints

*This is a Bears level gong show at QB playing 3 QBs and having multiple games where more than 1 QB plays. That is difficult to deal with as an offensive coordinator.
*Josh McCown's stat like is nice and I hope that it would be more representative of what DeFillippo can get out of Trubisky.

Gary Barnidge: 79 catches, 1043 yards, 9 TDs
Travis Benjamin: 68 catches, 966 yards, 5 TDs
Duke Johnson: 61 catches, 534 yards, 2 TDs
Brian Hartline: 46 catches, 530 yards, 2 TDs

*Huge number to the TE and that has continued in Philadelphia with Zach Ertz.
*61 passes to a RB is a lot and we see that in Philadelphia as they throw out of the backfield a great deal
*Really nice year from Benjamin with his speed on the outside, Smith will not make those numbers in Philly, but both teams have an outside speed threat.

Rushing: 380 attempts, 1529, 5 TDs

Isiah Crowell: 185 carries, 706 yards, 4 TDs
Duke Johnson: 104 carries, 379 yards

The Philadelphia Eagles Offense:

-The Eagles do not provide a lot of help to the OL in pass protection.

-The Eagles run an interesting power run game where they pull the OTs a decent amount with success. In fact they pulled every OLmen during the game at some point.

-They feature the TE in the passing game. They took a couple of vertical shots off play action to the TE and Ertz wasn't playing.

-They spread the ball around heavily to 3 targets and are in 3 WR sets a lot.

-They use a dedicated slot WR and do not move the WRs around a ton. Alshon spent almost the entire game on the right side, although his split and alignment changed on that side.

-Outside size at WR in both Philadelphia and Cleveland.

-Tons of motion across the formation to expose the coverage for Wentz. From what I saw it was 

-Send Agolor or Burton in motion, spread out the defense, make them show what they are in, and then pound the mismatch that you know you have pre snap. Whether it was Alshon on a 15 yard in route against man, or Hollins on a deep inside release with no safety help.

-They run the ball a ton. They mix up the downs, styles and backs who are running them the run game is very unpredictable. On one play against the Rams they ran a traditional power with a C and OG pull, the very next play they ran a stretch zone to the other side.. But they average 30 rushes a game, which is good for 2nd in the NFL.

-I know people are concerned with the hits that Wentz takes, but from what I saw he took a lot that were not needed. The Eagles have allowed 30 sacks, 1 less than the Bears, and rank 15th in the NFL for sacks allowed. Considering that they throw 35 passes a game and the number does not seem as high.

Bears Needs

Match Up Nicely

-QB: Wentz's mobility is a huge asset that allows the Eagles to send more guys into the routes, which is something that Mitch has shown and has. The fact that Mitch seems to really thrive in the 10-20 yard range, when finally allowed to throw it is a positive sign for the mesh. This offense puts a lot on timing and throwing the ball when the WR starts their break. That is a long winded way of saying you are throwing a lot of 1 on 1 passes.

-RB: The Eagles use a committee backfield and the Browns used a thunder and lightning approach as well. Howard [Blount, Crowell] would play the heavy running downs and Cohen [Duke Johnson, Clement] would play the passing role and change of pace. The Bears RBs fit pretty nicely with the offense and the Eagles do not pass to Blount as much as the Rams pass to Gurley, and that helps because Howard cannot catch.

-TE: The primary TE in the offense is a bigger inline TE like Ertz and Barnidge. They play in line more than the Rams who use Higbee less than Everett. Ertz runs vertical routes off play action and a ton of out breaking routes which allow him to body the defender and catch the ball using his frame more than speed. This seems like a natural fit for Shaheen.

-Interior OL: The Bears interior OL can hold up in pass pro and all 3 can pull, although Sitton might be slowing down a little. The Eagles really rely on Kelce's ability to move in the run game and I think that is also Whitehairs biggest strength.

Areas of Concern

-OT: The Eagles have elite OTs and they do not help them a lot, that has continued now that Peters is out, which tells me that it is core to their passing game to have players out in routes as often as possible. The fact that they pull their OTs a decent amount is also a demand on those players athletically that I am not sure Bobbie Massie can handle.

-Deep Threat: I think that the Eagles want a deep threat. Torrey Smith was suppose to be that guy, but he appears to be shot. They worked Mack Hollins in more and more and sent him vertical on a couple of his plays. It appears they would like someone to be a consistent deep threat, which has always been a part of the Ried passing attack. Travis Benjamin was very productive with DeFillippo in Cleveland.

-Flex TE: Zach Miller would have been perfect in this role, but the Eagles move Burton around a ton and they often do not substitute, they just move him to a WR position and split him out. The Bears seem to have their more inline TE in Shaheen who can play the Ertz role, but they do not really have a true flex TE that can run WR routes and split out and threaten a CB.


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They use Nelson Agholor as their speed guy quite a bit. I do believe if this is our guy (and man I really hope he is) that we will need to bring in a legitimate X WR (can't rely on Kevin White anymore, sorry) and a legit speed guy. Maybe that's Wheaton, but after this season I'd tell him to hit the bricks.

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16 minutes ago, G08 said:

They use Nelson Agholor as their speed guy quite a bit. I do believe if this is our guy (and man I really hope he is) that we will need to bring in a legitimate X WR (can't rely on Kevin White anymore, sorry) and a legit speed guy. Maybe that's Wheaton, but after this season I'd tell him to hit the bricks.

They did go vertical with him out of the slot a couple of times.

They do not really have a deep speed guy on the roster. Mack Hollins ran the highest % of deep routes, but he is a part time player. It seemed to me that the first read is the guy who comes under the vertical clear.

They do go empty a lot. It is difficult to see all of the route combinations, but they run a ton of trips [3 WRs to a side] with all of them having a route at a different level which really screwed up the defense at times. The Rams blitzed a ton so they had man coverage a ton in the game as well.

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55 minutes ago, RunningVaccs said:

Judging by Bears' standards, I can't like him. Look at this face, it's a constantly shifting patois of conflicting emotion, and that's a still photo!  Just too much going on there, is he happy, sad, constipated, resentful, left the iron on, what?  Sorry, you lost me at his face. 

Can't be serious. 

Personally IMO it's an easier face to look at then the dumb stoic looks we've seen from Lovie, Trestman and Fox.

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