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Jaguars sign C Mitch Morse (2 years, $10.5M, $7M gtd)


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4 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Seems extremely cheap?

C kind of falls off pretty quick. There's half a dozen guys making $12M+, pretty much everyone else is getting like $5M - $6M per year. Not really much of a second tier in that market.

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2 hours ago, Trentwannabe said:

Good for Morse, good for the Jags and especially good for Lawrence. 

Im hoping morse teaches fortner how to actually play center. He's pretty good at snapping and sorta identifying the Mike but dude is horrible at blocking. Another thing about fortner is his availability cuz dudes not missed a game so far and I think he might not have missed a snap.

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Curious if this is all they do at Center/Interior OLine.  At this price though, it's great to at least bring in a guy who can theoretically be "average" as a baseline.  Anything they get through the draft or whatever beyond that is just gravy now.

Nice to at least serviceably cover off serious "needs" like that before you hit the draft.  So you can focus more on just getting "value" depending on how the board falls.

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