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2018 KC Chiefs Roster

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The Chiefs currently have 53 players under contract for 2018, counting against the max. roster strength of 53 players.


2020 - 75 Erving, Cameron
2021 - 72 Fisher, Eric
2020 - 71 Schwartz, Mitchell


XXXX - 73 Allen, Jeff
2022 -
76 Duvernay-Tardif, Laurent
2021 - 66 McKenzie, Kahlil
2018 - 61 Morse, Mitch
XXXX - 67 Murray, James
2020 - 62 Reiter, Austin
XXXX - 77 Wylie, Andrew


2020 - 15 Mahomes, Patrick II
2019 - 4 Henne, Chad

Running Backs

2018 - 42 Sherman, Anthony
2018 - 32 Ware, Spencer
XXXX - 30 West, Charcandrick
2020 - 26 Williams, Damien
2020 - 31 Williams, Darrell

Tight Ends

2018 - 84 Harris, Demetrius
2021 - 87 Kelce, Travis
XXXX - 82 Yelder, Deon

Wide Receivers

XXXX - 81 Benjamin, Kelvin
2018 - 17 Conley, Chris
XXXX - 12 Dieter, Gehrig
2019 - 10 Hill, Tyreek
XXXX - 19 Kemp, Marcus
2019 - 11 Robinson, Demarcus
2020 - 14 Watkins, Sammy

Defensive Tackles

XXXX - 74 Hamilton, Justin
2021 - 91 Nnadi, Derrick
XXXX - 98 Williams, Xavier

Defensive Ends

2018 - 97 Bailey, Allen
2019 - 95 Jones, Chris


2018 - 55 Ford, Dee
2022 - 53 Hitchens, Anthony
2020 - 50 Houston, Justin
2020 - 92 Kpassagnon, Tanoh
2020 - 56 Niemann, Ben
2021 - 44 O’Daniel, Dorian
2019 - 59 Ragland, Reggie
2021 - 57 Speaks, Breeland
XXXX - 51 Zombo, Frank


2019 - 23 Fuller, Kendall
2018 - 20 Nelson, Steven
2018 - 22 Scandrick, Orlando
2021 - 39 Smith, Tremon
2020 - 35 Ward, Charvarius


2022 - 29 Berry, Eric
2019 - 24 Lucas, Jordan
2019 - 21 Murray, Eric
2020 - 49 Sorensen, Daniel


Butker, Harrison
2020 - 2 Colquitt, Dustin
2021 - 41 Winchester, James

Practice Squad

60 Hunter, Ryan (OT)
8 Litton, Chase (QB)
6 Crockett, Josh (WR)
90 Ivie, Joey (DL)
40 Wade, D'Montre (CB)
88 Wells, David (TE)
34 McQuay, Leon III (S)
70 Murphy, Pace (OT)
60 Davison, Raymond (LB)
45 Cooper, Chris (S)


Reserve/Non-Football Injury

Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform


2020 - 43 Moore, J.D. (RB)
2020 - 73 Koroma, Tejan (C)
2020 - 64 Gordon, Dillon (OT)
2020 - 1 Pringle, Byron (WR)
2020 - 47 Durham, Step (CB)
2018 - 82 Ellis, Alex (TE)
2021 - 25 Watts, Armani (S)
2018 - 13  Thomas, De'Anthony (WR)
2018  - 
65 Devey, Jordan (OL)
2018 - 48
Smith, Terrance (LB)

Practice Squad Injured

52 McCray, Rob (LB)



Recently released

96 Liner, Dee (DL) - PS
Boettger, Ike (OL)
30 Reaser, Keith (CB) - IR (injury settlement)
38 Springs, Aarion (CB) - PS
88 Wells, David (TE) - PS
34 McQuay, Leon III (S)
54 Orchard, Nate (LB)

 Shaw, Josh (S)
27 Hunt, Kareem (RB)
30 Hawkins, Josh (DB) - PS
Jenkins, Jarvis (DL)
XX Richardson, Horace (CB) - signed off PS by Denver Broncos
38 Parker, Ron (S)

Traded Off


Front Office

Clark Hunt - Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer
Mark Donovan - President
Brett Veach - General Manager

Dan Crumb - Chief Financial Officer
Tyler Epp - Executive Vice President of Business Operations
Ted Crews - Vice President of Communication
Kirsten Krug - Vice President of Administration
Brandon Hamilton - Vice President of Stadium Operations and Facilities
Mike Cucyne - Vice President of Content and Digital Operations
Tyler Kirby - Vice President of Ticketing
Matt Kenny - Vice President of Stadium Services & Events
Kimberly Hobbs - Vice President of Corporate Partnerships & Premium Sales
Rick Burkholder - Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance
Jeffrey Miller - Vice President of Security

Mike Borgonzi - Director of Football Operations
Ryan Poles - Assistent Director of Player Personnel
Michael Bradway - Assistent Director of Player Personnel
Brandt Tilis - Director of Football Administration
Tim Terry - Director of Pro Personnel
Ryne Nutt - Director of College Scouting
Brian Shafar - Director of Team Security
Allen Wright - Equipment Director
Pat Brazil - Director of Video Operations
Brad Gee - Director of Football Communications

Front Office Released


HC - Andy Reid
AsstHC - Dave Toub
Sr Asst to HC - Porter Ellet
Stats - Mike Frazier

DC - Bob Sutton
DefAsst - Kyle A. Whittingham
DQC - Terry Bradden
DQC - Jay Valai
DL - Britt Reid
OLB - Mike Smith
ILB - Mark DeLeone
DB - Emmitt Thomas
CB - Al Harris

OC - Eric Bieniemy
OQC - David Girardi
OL - Andy Heck
OL - Corey Matthaei (Assistant)
QB - Mike Kafka
PGA/QB - Joe Bleymaier (Assistant)
TE -
Tom Melvin
WR - Greg Lewis
RB - Deland McCullough

ST - Dave Toub
ST - Rod Wilson (Assistant)

S&C - Barry Rubin
S&C - Travis Crittenden (Assistant)
S&C -
Devin Woodhouse (Assistant)
S&C -
Ryan Reynolds (Sports Science)

Coaching Staff Released

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54 minutes ago, kensdodge04 said:

Any chance you can add current free agents we might lose?

check this: 


Here I will track the offseason. The roster is only for those guys that are under contract and builds the basis for the Skeleton Depth Chart:


You can check the 2007 roster for those guys who will be free agents - I added the expiration date of the current contract in front of the jersey number: 


More overall info in the database:


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I do see a realistic possibility for that. I'm not sure if the staff wants to let Hali and Ford go in the same year and i expect Hali to retire. If he's not retiring we have to cut him. If the staff feels comfortable to let Ford go as well, they will let him go. I would rather like to see them letting both guys go, get a veteran pass rusher in Free Agency, draft another one and see what Tanoh Kpassagnon and Dadi Nicolas are able to do, than hang on with a guy who is done and a guy who has had back issues for a while now.

My gut feeling tells me that Hali is gone and Ford will stay, through.

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11 hours ago, Bobby816 said:

Any chance you think you guys let Ford hit FA?!??

Probably not this year. He's still under contract for next year, as we exercised the option on his rookie deal. I would not at all be surprised to see him hit free agency after that, however. Pending Kpass's development. Ford overall has been a disappointment, between middling progression and availability issues. In 2016 he looked as though he was taking a major step in the right direction. This year he was not an asset even prior to injury.

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Ford will have a 8.7 M$ cap hit with no guarantees (read: no dead Money) if released healthy. May depend on what the team sees in him mid- to long term.

Wouldn't be surprised if the team signed him to a prove it deal for less, with a hefty roster bonus the second year. I don't think he'll have a truly big market if he hits the street right now.

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2 hours ago, Chiefs_5627 said:


So we're hiring lower level Defensive coaches and no word on Sutton yet. Not a great sign he's out. I suppose it's possible we're waiting for some potential replacement to be available for an interview before making a move, but need to hear something this week on Sutton's future.


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Updated after the draft. The mothership lists Breeland Speaks as Linebacker, in line with Reid's remarks.

With already 83 players on the active roster I expect some early cuts once the UDFA are signed.

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