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2018 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

vike daddy

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as in, answer the question, dudes. how'd we do?


3 hours ago, rpmwr19 said:

**I know that we already have the thread to grade the draft, but this is a thread I've put together every year as a one-stop shop for information on the draft that can be referenced in future years as well**

Draft Pick Highlight Video

1.30: Mike Hughes [CB] Central Florida - Aggregate #27
2.62: Brian O'Neil [T] Pittsburgh - Aggregate #67
4.102: Jalyn Holmes [DL] Ohio State - Aggregate #130
5.157: Tyler Conklin [TE] Central Michigan - Aggregate #181

5.167: Daniel Carlson [K] Auburn - Aggregate #185
6.213: Colby Gosset [G] Appalachian State - Aggregate #158
6.218: Ade Aruna [EDGE] Tulane - Aggregate #176
7.225: Devante Downs [LB] California - Aggregate #NR

UDFA: Holton Hill [CB] Texas - Aggregate #92
UDFA: Hercules Mata'afa [DL] Washington - Aggregate #120
UDFA: Korey Robertson [WR] Southern Miss - Aggregate #205
UDFA: Roc Thomas [RB] Jacksonville State- Aggregate #221
UDFA: Tray Matthews [SAF]
Auburn - Aggregate #313
UDFA: Mike Boone [RB] Cincinnati - Aggregate #325

UDFA: Kamryn Pettway [RB] Auburn - Aggregate #NR
UDFA: Jake Weineke [WR] South Dakota State - Aggregate #NR
UDFA: Armanti Foreman [WR] Texas - Aggregate #NR
UDFA: Jeff Badet [WR] Oklahoma - Aggregate #NR
UDFA: Tyler Hoppes [TE] Nebraska - Aggregate #NR

UDFA: Christopher Gonzalez [C] San Jose State - Aggregate #NR
UDFA: Jonathan Wynn [EDGE] Vanderbilt - Aggregate #NR
UDFA: Garret Dooley [LB] Wisconsin - Aggregate #NR


MIN: 4.102 (Jalyn Holmes) + 6.180 (Traded to NYJ)
TB: 3.94 (Alex Cappa)

MIN: 5.157 (Tyler Conklin)
NYJ: 5.167 (Traded to MIN) + 7.225 (Traded to MIN)

MIN: 5.167 (Daniel Carlson) + 7.225 (Davante Downs)
NYJ: 6.180 (Foley Fatukasi) + 6.204 (Trenton Cannon)


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5 minutes ago, KeithVikings28 said:

I don't understand why they always draft an "athletic" tackle who just needs to add "strength."

O'Neil is a bust.

People have been talking for months that Brian O’Neil could end up being the best OT in the draft.  No OT this year has higher potential than him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is better than Mike McGlinchey 3-4 years from now.

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I think we got 2-3 starters to include the kicker. The usual suspects will hate it like every other draft but I give this draft a B -

When you pick at 30 and don't have a lot of collateral to move up you take who is available and best fits the needs of a 13-3 team.

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1 minute ago, Kparty15 said:

People have been talking for months that Brian O’Neil could end up being the best OT in the draft.  No OT this year has higher potential than him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is better than Mike McGlinchey 3-4 years from now.

Time will tell.

I just feel like that might be a position that demands natural strength.

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Mike Hughes was a great pick.  He has the potential to easily be a #1 CB ain’t a different team.  I think he will end up being better than Waynes and Alexander; both of whom I like.

Before the draft I thought Brian O’Neill would be a 3rd round pick, but there was a huge run on OL early this year.  Even though I would’ve preferred to get him later O’Neill still has the talent to be a 2nd round pick.  He has a low floor, but also has a very high ceiling.  He isn’t a day 1 starter, but he could end up being the best OT out of this class.

Admittedly I don’t know a ton about Jayln Holmes individually, but Ohio State has been great in the trenches the past few years and he could end up being a very good player that was overshadowed by 1st round talent in college.

I’m happy with the Tyler Conklin pick.  He was a good value with where he was drafted.  He’s a good receiving TE option, but doesn’t have elite athleticism; he wouldn’t have been available at this pick if he was an elite athlete.

The Daniel Carlson pick stung a little bit for me.  He was the highest rated K in the draft so that is good, but I didn’t like that we took him when Jamarco Jones was still on the board.

Colby Gossett was a steal where we drafted him.  I would’ve loved to get an OG higher in the draft, but the board didn’t fall that way and Gossett is a great consolation prize at the position where we drafted him.

I don’t know anything about our last two picks.

Holton Hill and Hercules Mata’afa should’ve been 2nd-3rd round picks so they were steals as UDFA’s!

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I have to say when you look at the draft choices and the UDFAs, it looks like there are really solid choices to make up for the players that were cut or left via retirement or FA.

Hughes and the kicker surprised me, but I'll let Zimmer and Co. work their magic.  Hughes will be critical as a 3rd/4th CB the next two years, and he could be a starter in short order.  Heck, last year I liked Dalvin Cook in the 2nd and loved Elflein in the 3rd . . . the way things went this years, would've they both gone in the 1st this year?  To me, it was crazy to see the run on RBs and interior OL.  That said, I never thought the OL would play like they did last year.  All we did was get deeper and younger the past two days.  

I loved the Gosset pick, especially the value of where he was selected . . . to me, he screams Adam Timmerman, Hugh Thorton, and the guy from Nevada a couple years ago, Joel Bitonio.  Gosset played at a small school, so what?  One can't teach his size, strength and speed . . . his measurables (except weight) at the combine rival Quentin Nelson.  I suspect it'll be ok if he proves to be a poor man's QN.

The DL picked up more gifted guys; however, it would've been nice to see a DT grabbed in lieu of Conklin or Carlson in the 5th.  Maybe they tried to move up to grab Hurst, but couldn't strike a deal?  

Overall, 8 draft picks and 12 UDFAs . . . would it be unreasonable to believe 10 make the squad?  


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