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It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

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Okay, so 5 games in, I still like what I see in terms of future potential and decelopment. If there is a strength to this defense, it's depth. The whole "next man up" mentality took center stage against the Jaguars with a bunch of plays from guys like Lucas, Watts, Xavier Williams and even Scandrick making some huge plays.

What I like about this defense is that we seem to know who we are; a team who can't consistently stop offenses but if we focus on playing as a unit and giving 110% effort, we can do enough to keep the score down. From there, it's the offenses job to bring us home.

Sutton, I feel, is trying his best to limit rookie mistakes and that's why I think Houston is spending so much time in coverage. Like it or not, he's the best coverage LB we have, even when you factor in our ILBs. With 3 picks in the first 2 rounds next year, I expect us to draft or trade for at least one corner and maybe a safety. That should rounds out what could be a very solid defense a year or two down the road. Watts, I feel, is ready to start now. Who knows if/when Berry will be back or whether we can count on him playing full seasons once he's healthy. Either way, Big Red and Sutton are playing the long game by trying to build this defense the right way; through the draft. Of that, I'm sure.

The yardage we're allowing is attrocious, but keep in mind that we've held a sizeable lead in every game except against the Broncos. They always play is tough. When that happens, opposing offenses are going to gash us when they decide to run because we're expecting the pass. Even if we give up the yardage, that's okay as long as we force field goals. I genuinely think that's the strategy. We let offenses complete underneath passes and run plays with a focus of tackling them in bounds and trying to force turnovers when we can. Every second that ticks off the clock helps our high powered offense because the chances of them scoring as many TDs as we can is extremely low. Let them grind the clock down and hold them to FGs. If we get a pick or fumble recovery, that's just gravy. It's a really weird thought, but with so many young defensive players and an offense like ours, this might be a next level kind of strategy that nobody expects. Let them be their own worst enemy. Am I crazy or does this actually make some sense?

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1 hour ago, VexMilkWaterfall said:

With 3 picks in the first 2 rounds next year, I expect us to draft or trade for at least one corner and maybe a safety.

We should have taken a CB the past couple of years. We had two draft classes with good CB and we didn't taken one until the 6th this year.

Next year is shaping up to be a really good draft for the defensive front 7 and WR class. This could push a good CB down to us. But if the BPA is DL, LB, or WR we shouldn't reach. Before I get any WR comments, over the next two off seasons literally ALL of our WR are up for a new contract except Watkins.

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The very good surprise for me is Dee Ford. He's been by a mile our best defensive player. Bailey showing up in pass rush is also nice. But boy this is a painful unit to watch.

Our ILBs aren't good at all. Very disappointed in Ragland. And y'all know how I've always felt about Hitchens.

Chris Jones is having is classic season where he shows up for 5-6 games and disappears for the rest. Hopefully he saves those games for the POs.

Xavier Williams hasn't been very good, glad Nnadi has gotten more snaps this week.

Ron Parker shouldn't be starting anymore. I like what the Lucas kid showed Sunday. Maybe he can come in and play more regularly.

Our corners aren't good enough in man to man, but they are functional is zone, and I feel we played a lot more zone vs Jax. Not sure if that's only an impression.


That being said, if we can have the offense carry us into the playoffs (which will probably happen), we can be dangerous. We will concede some yardage but if Houston, Ford, Jones and Berry are all back and at 100% then, we have playmakers on the defense. Which is enough with such a strong offense. And it needs to be noted that we're actually pretty good on 3downs

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