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First Preseason game against Philly

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I hope you fellas don't mind but I couldn't watch the game and I don't know if I want to read all those pages from the game thread.  So...what did you all think of the game?  Who looked good, who surprised (good or bad), etc.  Thanks!

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Definitely no expert, but what I noticed:

Hundley looked alright.
Callahan is the funniest QB to watch scramble, and he made a couple plays doing that.

Jamaal Williams was really the only running back to look good.  He seems like the type that can provide the workhorse type role.

Trevor Davis looks like he secured a spot as a special teams player at least.
Janis had a bad drop, then a nice TD catch.
Yancey had a nice deep ball late in the game.
Adams dropped an easy one, then caught two tough ones.
McCaffrey played well and got himself into at least two good opportunities he couldn't capitalize on due to poor throws, too.

Bennett is going to be a hell of a nice weapon based on one play he made.

Spriggs struggled against the 14th overall selection pass rusher from this year's draft.

Punter looked good.  Really good. 

Dean Lowry had a few nice plays.
Kenny Clark looked really good.
Defensive line as a whole looked really good.

Kevin King can land some pretty hard hits on those quick short receiver type screens that I hate.
Pipkins has the best swagger out of our corners if he can swag without getting hurt.
Brice couldn't tackle, but he was in the right spot a lot.
Nobody could tackle early.
Matthews and Lowry missed two sacks on the Eagles one first team scoring drive that would have ended the drives.
We ran a lot of blitzes and seemed to manufacture pressure consistently.

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Just a few observations: 


1. QBs: Had some ups and downs. Hundley looked like a suitable backup other than his terrible decision on the INT. He literally threw it right to Kendricks. Callahan is pretty much just an improvisor IMO. I don't see the overall real skill set from him. Actually, I think Hill with time might be better than Callahan. 

2. RBs: Not much to see, our running game was non-existent but I feel like that's pretty typical in these preseason games. Ty's fumble is concerning, he needs to clean that up. I like Jamal's running ability and still think he's the best RB option for this team come later in the year. Didn't see much of Jones or Mays. 

3. WRs: probably the best competition on the team. We are very deep with guys who could serve as the 4, 5 and 6 WRs on this team. Right now I could realistically see Davis, Allison, Janis, Dupre, Yancey or McCaffery grabbing those spots with Michael Clark not far behind. Davis is probably locked given his 2 nice punt returns, one for the 60 yard TD. All of the other guys all made plays Thursday night as well. 

4: TEs: not much going on here. It's gonna be Bennett, Kendricks and Rodgers. The former 2 played Thursday, Bennett caught one pass. That was about it. 

5: OLine: Our backup line is concerning right now, the whole lot was very underwhelming against backups from Philly. Spriggs got absolutely destroyed all game. He was by far the biggest "loser" of this game in terms of an evaluation standpoint. Right now, not sure how GB could have any confidence putting him in at T to protect Rodgers, especially LT. Barclay's injury further complicates things, but I think we have more interior prospects than T prospects at this point. It's basically Spriggs or bust as Tackle 3 on this team. 


1. Dline: Clark and Lowry were active, very good to see. RJF made a few plays too. Overall, I have no concerns about Dline, just stay healthy. 

2. ILBs: I'm not a Martinez guy but he had a pretty decent game, which is good to see. The other ILBs pretty much looked the same, average and competent, nothing more. 

3. OLBs: Clay and Perry looked very active and healthy. Clay missed an easy sack on the 38-yard TD, luckily it was preseason. We miss far too many sacks with clean shots at the QB. Fackrell actually had a pretty good game, got good pressure on the Joe Thomas pick, however, he played against a backup T so it's good to see but we don't know what it really means. I thought Gilbert looked active as well but that was against guys who won't even make it past the first cut, let alone the second, so again, what does it mean...maybe nothing.

4: Safeties: Biggest theme was missed tackles, something that has haunted us for year. The culprits were Burnett and especially Brice. Brice was downright terrible on a few plays trying to tackle people. Hard to trust a guy like that. Josh Jones played a lot, didn't really get a feeling about him one way or the other. 

5: CBs: King was our best tackler at CB but also the worst in coverage. He got absolutely smoked by the WR on the 38-yard TD and then beat badly again on the deep ball, and he wasn't covering anyone whose name I can remember. Randall only lasted a few minutes b/f the concussion and I didn't see much of Rollins one way or the other except he too looked bad trying to tackle the WR on the TD pass. I thought Hawkins and Pipkins played decent. 

Special Teams -- Vogel's first punt sucked, after that he was very solid. Crosby didn't miss a FG. Davis had 2 great punt returns including the TD. Overally, solid night on STs. 

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1 hour ago, skibrett15 said:

He looked really bad in space coming up to make a tackle from the safety spot.  Granted, it was a LOT of space.

He and HaHa looked fast! Cannt teach that!


Also most sites are talking about Philly having a top oline in the NFL, so nice to see our dline play well.





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First preseason game results up and down. I thought Callahan outplayed all QB's. WR depth looks awesome but the team needs a solid veteran RB because they are way too young and inexperienced. Huge concern going into this year IMO. Offensive line not so good and the only issue with Spriggs was which way was he going to fall down.


Quinton Rollins is my surprise cut for this year. He looked terrible and he looked terrible last year. The young LB's look to be much improved. Safeties looked awesome and the DL strong and aggressive. The new punter looked ok and even slightly better then average.

Overall the team looks to be a very good team with a number of question marks on defense and OL.




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