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Week 13 GDT: Do we really have to go to Seattle?


Who wins?   

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Seattle
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4 minutes ago, y2lamanaki said:


I won't really hold the touchdown pass against Smith, because that was just a really bad thought concept there lol, but yeah, he's so terrible and such a ridiculous contract. Horrific signing for this FO, particularly at that price point. 

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Just now, y2lamanaki said:

That was the one problem with Wilson in college - fumbling. Looked like he may have been down first, though. Not sure. 

This is at least the third time that I can remember one of our players just having a ball ripped from their grip in the last year. Last year, Wagner or Wright did it to Trent Taylor on a pass (though I think that ended up being termed an INT), Donald ripped the ball from Breida, and now this. Pretty amazing tbh. 

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Just now, Forge said:

If we don't score in the first half, I Think there's a better than little chance that we see CJ to start the second half. 

I think it depends on if Mullens makes a bonehead play. Nothing today is really on him thus far, and I don't think Shanahan is the type to have an itchy trigger finger. I think a goose egg in the first half is a reason Beathard will start next week, though. 

And of course...Wilson down.

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