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Come see the LASED


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For now this is what they're calling the stadium Stan Kroenke is building in Inglewood. The Rams and Chargers will call it home starting in 2020. Cost estimates are all over the board and it's uncertain if numbers cited will be just the stadium or if it'll be the whole district which will include the as of yet unnamed stadium set to seat 80,240 and will be expandable by estimates to hold another 20,000 for Super Bowls and other big events. Current cost estimates say it's price tag right now is just under $5 billion. The district will also hold a 6,000 seat event center/concert hall. It's also slated to host the NFL's west coast offices and network studio's, currently in Culver City. It'll have 780,000 sq feet of office space, 890,000 sq feet of retail space, 300 hotel rooms, 2,500 "modern residences" and 25 acres of parks. It will also be a central hosting space for the 2028 Olympics. 

One of the initial video renders.



A fellow Rams fan was flying the other day and snapped these:



This guy on youtube does a great job of posting video's of the construction he started right when the ground was first broke and posts updates about every week.


And there you have it a little introduction to the stadium. I know there is a thread on Vegas so figured I'd start one on this as well so everybody can see it. As you see in the post above they're saying the stadium is 60% complete so well on track to open next year.

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32 minutes ago, Classic said:

This is going to be the best stadium my long mile in the NFL. Have you heard which company has the naming rights yet? I heard it could be Ford

One common thought is Dodge with the two team names. Aside from that there's been no word. 

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19 hours ago, NVRamsFan said:

That would be good for a laugh after the money sunk into that project.

But it has a certain historic significance. Many people dont know that Los Angeles County (and the surrounding areas) was essentially americas bread basket for the first for decades of the 20th century. It was all farm land. 

And Farmers Insurance started in Los Angeles during that same time. So it's kind of a perfect fit.

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The stadium that will eventually house the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers beginning in 2020 has reached another mile post in its construction. Via Joe Reedy of the Associated Press, the outer shell of the stadium’s canopy was completed last week with stadium officials holding a ceremony Monday to mark the occasion.

The stadium is now approximately two-thirds complete, according to LA Sports and Entertainment District managing director Jason Gannon.


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