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Season Expectations pt. 3: Travis Frederick


Season expectations for Travis Frederick?  

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  1. 1. Season expectations for Travis Frederick?

    • With a year off to study the mental aspect of the game, I expect Frederick to be even better than he was in 2017. He says he is noticing the advantages already in OTAs.
    • I don't think he will be better than ever, but I do expect him to return to 2016-2017 form by week 1.
    • He will get back to form, but it may take awhile to knock off the rust. Football is a tough game to take time off of and go back to. There will be some rust, but by mid season he should be back.
    • I don't expect him to regain his 2016/17 form. Not this year, and maybe not ever. He lost valuable strength, time, reps, and is now a year older. 3 years removed from 2016 Frederick. I don't expect him to ever be that dominant again.

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Part 3 of this will flip back to the offensive side of the ball, with Fredbeard. After being diagnosed with a rare disease, I initially thought his career was over. Others here and on my Facebook were certain he was only to miss a few weeks last season. 

Seems like it is somewhere in between those two extremes. 


What are we expecting from him this year?

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1 hour ago, buddy_z34 said:

Do you play him extra in preseason or let him kick off the rust in the regular season??

I'd play him extra in preseason. As long as it's okay with his time table for recovery 

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