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Raider Injury/COVID Report

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1 hour ago, oakdb36 said:

That's a problem for this season but like i said Jacobs was listed with ankle, knee and hip injuries at various points and starting week 2. They weren't going to take away his carries because he wasn't able to hit a long run since he was still able to move the chains, score TDs and keep the offense on schedule. And i don't think the offense is playing below expectations at all. It's an offense without an elite QB and with an average WR group. It's limited.

He had 181 yards on 52 carries the first 2 weeks and averaged under 4 yards per carry each week.  I understand the injuries and I am not saying it is all his fault but this is the second year he has shown injury concerns before hitting the 250 carry mark.  I am starting to think that he needs a 1b RB.  He is not a back that gets stronger in the 4th quarter and he is not an explosive back.  He picks up positive yardage more than expected and makes defenders miss but he is not a 20 touch a game back.  Just to let you know Jacobs ranks 33rd in first downs per carry and 15th in TDs per carry.  Booker is 24th in 1st downs per carry and 17th in TDs per carry.  Not saying Booker is a better back but he has been more efficient this year and has a case to get more touches.

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