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Week 1 GDT: Arizona Cardinals @ Detroit Lions


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5 minutes ago, TL-TwoWinsAway said:

I knew our friendship would be strong from our first Pettigrew TD high five.  It's a bond that will never be broken.

It's a good thing we've only met once in real life. Our sarcasm and my ability to talk my way out of trouble would get you punched in the face. 

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2 hours ago, Louis Friend said:

After watching a few plays back, our OL played extremely well. Stafford's sack was due to him holding the ball too long. Overall, he had great protection all game long. Greg Robinson has been a nice addition with Decker out. 

Absolutely.  I kept saying it during the game... so impressive.  Quinn came in and made protecting Stafford a priority.  Wagner and Lang are huge additions.

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22 hours ago, TimeForChange said:

Johnson will have 12 carries for 34 yards

11 for 24? Geez, who'd have thought you actually overstated things. :D

Both offenses started rusty and both defenses started well, but Stafford put it together against a really good defense to make the difference. While Stafford was picking their D apart, ours stepped up even harder. Really decent showing in most facets. Our running game still looks poor and special teams is worrisome. Really pleased with what we ended up seeing from Stafford. The pick 6 wasn't even really a bad look, just a good defensive play to knock Tate off his route. Trying not to get too excited about what we're seeing from Golladay, but he had some great, great catches today. Secondary looked really good. D-line played surprisingly well considering how much of a concern they were (are). Tate did everything you could want him to do... Like a speedy Wayne Chrebet.

Yesterday, I thought we were an 8-8 team. Now I'm thinking 10-6.


Huge 4th quarter.

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