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The "If Gamestop was open I'd buy Madden right now" Post-Game Commiseration Extravaganza with lots of cursing at Aaron Idiot Rodgers who Screwed us from the very beginning and kept on screwing us because he can't ever throw an interception God forbid he


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We should have traded 5th Down.  All jokes about him aside, I think when it comes to chances of winning another Super Bowl, his faults outweigh his strengths.  Saying that now is like saying we should move on from Favre in 2004 probably, but we should have.  We should have. 

If you don't agree with that, how is anybody going to disagree with the following statement:

We should have made Rodgers play out the final two years of his contract before re-signing him.  He would be a free agent heading into this coming offseason right now if we had waited.  Think of how much we could have saved if he'd played like he's played the past two seasons. 

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