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2020 Titans Opponents

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9 minutes ago, KingTitan said:

Sweep Jags.  Split Texans and Colts. (3)
Beat Browns, Bears, Lions, Bills and Steelers (4)
Beat Bengals Broncos (2).

9-7 Again?  lol

I can see us being undefeated at home. 

i’ll say it: with competent QB play we’re good enough to sweep the colts. they’re a tough team of course but we certainly would’ve done it this year with tanny starting both games.

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1 hour ago, -Hope- said:

Home: Colts Jags Texans Browns Steelers Bears Lions Bills

Away: Colts Jags Texans Bengals Ravens Packers Vikings Broncos

11-5, give or take a game. hoping that next year is the year we really assert ourselves in division play.

That Bear's game is gonna be the Mariota revenge game lol

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Now we get to look ahead and see which games we want to attend next year 

FWIW when I got to talk to all kinds of Titans fans from all over the globe here in NE a few weeks ago, seems like the majority of fans are targeting the Packers game as the Titans sort of take over game 

I really don’t want to go if it’s in December but I’m going to be 31 by the time the game is played and I really don’t want to wait until 39 to wait for another chance at Lambeau 

So no matter the month I’ll be going to Lambeau field this year

What are some of the games you guys hope to go to?

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