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Grizmo's Mock Offseason V1

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Before the offseason begins, I wanted to put out my initial thoughts on what my preference would be for how to approach this team.



Joe Flacco: Just no. Save ~10mil

Ron Leary: Played better than given credit for but is paid too much. Save ~8.5mil


Highlighted FA's:

Justin Simmons: No doubt he stays. I think a long term deal gets done and the tag isn't needed. Stay 

Chris Harris Jr: Unfortunately his play outside of the slot wasn't up to his stellar par and I don't see our CB situation getting much better to allow him to move back to his more dominate position. Both of us choose to move on, Harris for fit, us for the money. FA Loss

Derek Wolfe / Shelby Harris: To be honest, this is a toss up. I do think we'll only keep one but which one will most likely come to who is willing to sign a cheaper contact. Wolfe is more of the heart of the team that I would like to continue to see but he will be 30 and has had trouble staying on the field for an entire season. Shelby is a bit more talented at this point in their careers but doesn't have the sway in the locker room the way Wolfe does. Whoever stays, I don't see the contact being more than 3 years 18 million. Stay / FA Loss

Connor McGovern. He played pretty well, shouldn't break the bank and will give us flexibility in the draft whether he plays center or his more natural RG. Stay 3 year 27mil

Will Parks: I love the dude and think he's even better than how he played this year but paying role players is how you get in trouble with the cap. I wish we could keep him at a million a year, but he deserves more as well as the opportunity to play a bit more. FA Loss

Jeremiah Attaochu: He stepped up his play when Chubb went down and at 27 still has stuff left in the tank to be a very good 3rd edge rusher for us. Stay 2 years 5 mil 

Adam Gotsis: Played better in a one gap scheme. Not a fit for us as evidenced by being a healthy scratch this year. FA Loss



Highlight FA Signing:

I expect us to go all in this offseason with few, yet big ticketed players; and we should in order to take advantage of our youth and the cheap contracts they're on. 

Chris Jones (DL): Our D-line was atrocious. Ok maybe not atrocious but definitely was not good enough. We lack a true difference maker that can make an impact both as a run defender and as a pass rusher throughout the downs. Jones is only 26 and often times it takes D-lineman till their second contact to really come into their own. Jones is already a great player and I would be excited to see how much better he becomes through his prime on our team. 19mil/yr

Other names to keep an eye out for (Michael Pierce NT,  DJ Reader NT) 



Initial Draft Picks (9):











1.15 Henry Ruggs III (WR Alabama)

I'm not going to lie. I used to be very hesitant on taking a WR in the first two rounds this year. The depth of WRs this draft is insane and next years looks to be just as good. My thought process was let other teams stack up this year and lets take advantage in the middle rounds and next year. Forget that. Ruggs is absolutely worth being the third WR taken in the top 15. He is incredibly fast, but similar to Tyreek Hill in that he can make contested catches and is a good route runner (not just a run deep speed threat). Sutton, Ruggs and Fant would be an insane weapon core for Lock for the next 4-5 years. 


Trade (DEN 2.46 + DEN 3.77  for TEN 1.31) 

Why would Ten trade? They are tied for the least amount of selections in this years draft with KC, and NO with 5. With quite a few important FA (Logan Ryan, Dereck Henry, Tannehill) they could use more ammo to stock up. Why are we trading up? Offensive line need is through the roof in the league and early 2nd round is where IOL players go. Getting into the first also gives us the 5th year option.


1.31 Tyler Biadasz (C Wisconson)

Biadasz is one of my favorite players in this years draft. He is a 3 time captain of a Wisconsin team known for churning great offensive lineman. His play dipped a bit this year and along with the depth of this draft, might be why he would be available this late.  He has consistently been a top 3 centers in college football each year he has started. He is battle tested and durable as they come, having started 41 consecutive games. I was hesitant to see the fit as he is strong as a bull but less nimble as necessary for an outside zone run scheme, but having moved to Shurmer's Power Spread attack the average mobility is just fine. The fit is perfect given Elway's MO for high character players. Risner-Biadasz-McGovern will help Lock out tremendously to make sure he continues to develop positive habits of stepping up in the pocket they create and not throw off his back foot.     


3.83 Antoine Winfield Jr (DB Minnesota)

It wouldn't surprise me to see Winfield Jr rise once the draft process really ramps up. He is a bit of a tweener between FS and slot corner but his ball skills, and fantastic instincts always puts him around the ball. He isn't overly physical but is still willing to put his hat in there. Again, i'll be surprised if he doesn't go late 2nd round but in this mock draft i'll be hopeful he's here for us.


3.96 Jordan Elliott (DL Missouri)

Very strong and aware run defender who is able to double gap and win consistently. Needs work in pass rush but tools are there to work with and hopefully with some coaching he can elevate that part of his game. He has played all along the line and consistently takes on double teams which seems to fit our style of line play.


4.108 Reggie Robinson II (CB Tulsa)

Robinson is incredibly sticky in coverage and has good size at 6'1 197lbs. There isn't a whole lot of tape on him but started 22 games in his career 33 appearances. 


4.128 Braden Mann (P Texas A&M)

I've never been a fan of Wadman and I'm ready for a punter who can finally take advantage of our altitude. Mann is a Ray Guy award winner and broke the record for average yards per punt with at least 50 punts (51 yards avg!) in 2018 and this year averaged 47 yards per punt. Finally a special teams weapon... 


6.161 + 7.214: honestly cant say I know enough of players in this draft to say anything this far. I will say Levonta Taylor (CB FSU) is another player I have my eye on but don't see us taking more than two defensive backs given the promise our current players showed. As well as Patrick Queen who could be taken as a Will Parks replacement.


*This draft is prior to receiving comp picks of which I can see us taking another O-lineman and linebacker to further bolster depth. 

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I don’t like the idea of paying for topFAs this off season. We’re not just a couple pieces away yet. I hope we continue the approach we’ve taken the past few offseasons. I’d rather bring back CHJ and add another mid level CB than being in jones. 

The more i watch him the more I like Ruggs. His route tree is non-existent but much like DT he shows the skills to run crisp routes if asked to. Also he is willing to block and high point balls. More than just an Ashley Lelie (which I first thought he was)

love Biadasz. Have no problem trading back up for him. I don’t have a problem with any of the players in your draft but feel we should probably double dip in a deep WR draft. Really would like Gabe Davis in the 4th. Reminds me of BMarsh#15.

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FWIW, I don't think Jones is leaving KC.   They'll tag him to stay at worst.   I do think the scenario of finding a midlevel FA to bolster our DL is more likely.   I haven't seen enough of Pearce/Reader to see how they fit in a Fangio scheme, but that's more likely.

Winfield is likely going to be a Rd2 pick, but that would be an easy no-brainer Rd3 pick.

I'd echo the sentiment that we should double-dip WR in this class.  I'm OK if we go Rd2 with WR, but Rd4-5 is another prime area where we can get a Day 2 talent most other years who will fall.     

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I disagree with paying huge money to Chris Jones. Honestly, rather than give him 19M per I would rather give Wolfe and Harris 8M each to come back. I also would like to keep CHJ if possible. Let him test the market, but ideally the winning at the end of this season helps tempt him back. If we dont pay him, we have to pay someone else at CB. Might as well keep the hometown kid. Not nostalgia either, he is still a great player. But having him retire a Bronco would basically make him Denver's Dirk Nowitzki. 

Ruggs is a talent that I could live with. I have come around to him a bit. Love trading up for Biadasz. We need plug and play guys and have the draft capital to get them. His draft stock is all over the place right now though. I think a late R1 landing spot for him is optimistic at this point, but expect his hype to decline as we get deeper into the process. 

I would still prefer a trade down to 20, picking up another asset and with that and our other R3 + R4 picks basically moving up at will to get about 3 of 'our guys' after R1. 

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On 1/20/2020 at 3:32 PM, Counselor said:

Winfield is going to go late 1st when it’s all said and done.

You think?  An under sized safety thats had a history of injuries and won't test with elite athleticism.  I think hes a playmaker but hes missed 2 whole seasons iirc with injuries.  I see him as a late 2/3 guy at best, but just my opinion. 

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