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12 minutes ago, Starless said:

Bringing in Bryant will make it that much more difficult to keep the core of Betts/Bogaerts/Benintendi together. I'd rather ride with the inexpensive youth.

The youth is going to cost the Red Sox eventually. Mookie's salary is only good for two more years and het struggled this post-season so unless he improves next year then I don't think Dombrowski will hesitate to move Betts if he can fetch a huge return a la Kris Bryant (and then some). Benintendi is a good player I hope can get better that will not be as expensive as Bryant, Betts or probably Bogaerts. Boggie I like and think is going to be locked up before he becomes a free agent at the end of 2019 but he shouldn't be out of this world expensive either. Similar to JD Martinez, the Sox are smart with the big money they choose to dole out under Dombrowski/La Russa. Benny should be locked up relatively soon as well. Betts same, unless he is dealt in some unlikely blockbuster trade. The Red Sox have a high pay roll and can afford to sign these three and Kris Bryant just like the Yankees are going to try to sign Manny Machado, Bryce Harper and already have Stanton plus Judge and Sanchez coming up.

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There's no way Betts gets moved. He's the heart and soul of this team. It'd be like getting rid of David Ortiz in his prime because of one subpar postseason (which wasn't even that bad - just not up to his normal standards).

As for the Yankees, who cares? Let them sign all the large adult sons in the majors. Until their starting pitching improves, they'll continue to fall short.

The focus in the offseason should be
1. Figuring out the situation at 2B

2. Keeping Eovaldi 
3. Shoring up the bullpen
4. trying to lock up Betts long-term.


If Price opts out, that'll mean they'll need to go out and add another starter as well.

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50 minutes ago, DoleINGout said:

I love Betts long term but I'm not yet in love with the idea. He signs a 7 year $200 million contract? Good, but I'm open to waiting to see how he does next year in the playoffs specifically.

Players as good as him will figure it out in the postseason eventually. Frankly, he made several outs during the last 3 games in L.A. that would've been wall-scrapers in Boston so I'm not exactly worried about that.

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Both Bloom and Cora said they have kept in close contact with outfielder Mookie Betts, who might be traded this winter as Boston tries to get under the $208 million competitive balance tax threshold. While Bloom declined to get into specifics regarding his conversations with the 2018 American League MVP, Cora said the rumors have not changed his relationship with a player he has managed for two seasons.

“It’s the same relationship,” Cora said. “One thing for sure, in this process, you’re going to release players, guys are going to get called up, guys are going to get demoted, guys are going to get traded, but in the end, the relationship is still there. He’s a guy that we like. We believe in him, and we know how much he can impact the game of baseball. So looking forward to managing him.”

Betts is projected to earn $27.7 million via arbitration this winter, according to MLBTradeRumors. The expectation is that the Red Sox will consider trades involving Betts is the sides are unable to gain traction on a long-term extension.


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