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Suicide Pool?


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4 hours ago, naptownskinsfan said:

Meanwhile Washington sent the season-ticket holders an email saying that fan attendance is on, but that you can opt out as they will have limits on how many people and your ticket is likely to change.  Meanwhile up the road in Baltimore (literally up the beltway about 35-40 minutes) the Ravens announced two months ago that no fans could come to any games.  So there is no rhyme or reason to any of this right now, which is a problem. 

Might be old info you have? Since I believe early July they announced there will be fans at 14,000 capacity- 20% of the stadium occupancy. Though I’m not a season ticket holder so I’m not sure if you were referring to that aspect of things.

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22 hours ago, Joe_is_the_best said:

I can take over the survival pool if no one's offering. 

But with the full understanding that no matter what anybody else delivers, it will pale in comparison to what WOZ created here over the years.

All hail WOZ...for putting up with us and creating a ton of fun along the way - truly an impressive effort.



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Ha !
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