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46 minutes ago, bigjohnson2009 said:

So I thought this was a super flex so please feel free to make an offer for LJax, Prescott or Murray. Looking to trade two of them one for one for a RB. 

Wish I had an extra RB to spare.  Would Love to take Murray off your hands.


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7 hours ago, Kiwibrown said:

Murray wouldnt start. 
Id go Hunt and AJ Green for Lamar and a WR?

Ranking Brady over Murray in fantasy this year is a mistake imo. I don’t think we’re gonna get there on a Lamar trade. Looks like scrabble accepted my Prescott offer though so that’s a good start. 

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4 minutes ago, ReggieCamp said:

I can't remember a league with less smack talk than this one.

So... I win.


Kamara killed me last week. There was no coming back from that. 

This is the highest I’ve finished in years and my team was auto drafted this year...

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