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Texans close facilities following positive test


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36 minutes ago, Shanedorf said:

Obviously this is just a desperate attempt to quarantine certain players so they can't be traded.

That's probably it. Easterby coughed in Watt's cereal or something.

5 minutes ago, Malfatron said:

Okay, get Will Fuller outta there before he gets infected.

send him to green bay

Will Keke Coutee suffice? With a name like Keke, you know he's good.

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2 minutes ago, Shanedorf said:


Private plane left Houston Ellington airport at 8:58 this morning and landed in Green Bay at 12:24 pm
Probably just some sight-seers taking in the Fall colors around Titletown



Or it's the infected - Green Bay's own Max Scharping - coming back to settle the score. 

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16 minutes ago, SuperBowl=best said:



No young famous person will die from this.  MMW.


We better have a full Super Bowl

Please keep the discussion to Football, and not your thoughts on the pandemic.


- ET

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