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Week 8 Gameday Thread: Ravens vs. Steelers

Ray Reed

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Lamar Jackson stiff arm on TJ Watt - YouTube

When: November 1st, 2020 1pm EST

Where: M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, Maryland

Why: To take hold of first place in the AFC North and put a damper on the Steelers hype train


3 Keys to the Game

1: Interior offensive line needs to get some sort of push in the run game, and they need to be better than they have all year. If we consistently have 2nd and 9s against this team after our first down runs, and not 2nd and 6s, we won't win this game. 

2: Quick pressure on Ben. He's throwing it quick and they're spreading teams out this year. With Tavon/Avarett/Marshall hurt, we're going to have some unfavorable matchups when they go 4-5 wide. The pass rush needs to get to Ben before he can find those mismatches.

3: Let Lamar be Lamar. In these types of games, rarely do players' stats look pretty. Lamar isn't going to put up that gorgeous passing statline we all want to see this Sunday, and that's ok. Just move the offense and get the win...the best chance of doing that is letting Lamar go off-script IMO. Call plays to get him in space and let him improvise and win us the game.

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Pretty obvious what the Steeler's game plan is going to be. Spread us out and play small ball, hoping to attack our susceptible depth pieces we're now forced to rely on at CB. Will help them avoid the now more formidable pass rush/blitz packages too.

Of course, that's essentially everyone's game plan against us.

We'll need the running game to emerge(Great time for a Dobbins/Edwards breakout), Lamar to connect with his playmakers(Andrews & Hollywood), and the defense to continue improving upon what they've been doing thus far in 2020.

X Factors for the Game?..

Offense- Devin Duvernay: He's earned more opportunities, according to Harbaugh himself, and if we're smart- there'll be some emphasis put on his inclusion into this offense coming off the bye week. Plus impact in the return game would be huge too.

Defense- Yannick Ngakoue(Who else?): Big name new addition and likely future cornerstone of the defense. How does he look in his first game for the Ravens? Traditionally he's played very well against the Steelers and could be a deciding factor in this game as well.

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Jimmy and Marlon have been in enough games against the Steelers. I’m not arrogant enough to claim they don’t “NEED” practice, but if there’s players in our secondary that need those reps, it probably are the backups who might see plenty of reps in this game and will need to be uber ready to go.

Hopefully the Achilles thing is just more of a slight heel soreness and not legitimately his Achilles in some sort of Kevin Durant State. If so I’d rather be sit this game out and we lose the battle so as to win the war later on.

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