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BDL 2020 Week 9 - Williamsport Soul Reavers @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts


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BDL 2020 Week 9

Match: Williamsport Soul Reavers @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Away Owner: @wwhickok

Home Owner: @Pickle Rick


Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both.

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QB: Ben Roethlisberger
RB: Derrick Henry
TE1: Dallas Goedert:
X : Calvin Ridley
Z: Jalen Reagor
Slot WR: Olamide Zaccheus
LT:  Dion Dawkins
LG: Cesar Ruiz
C : JC Tretter 
RG: Mark Glowinski
RT: DJ Humphries 

RB: Ronald Jones II
RB: Frank Gore 
FB: Derek Watt
TE2: Vance McDonald 
TE: Robert Tonyan
WR4:  David Moore
WR5: Jaylen Guyton
OT: Charles Leno


LDE:  Leonard Williams
NT: Javon Hargrave 
RDE: Cam Heyward
LOLB: Brian Burns
LILB: Jordyn Brooks
RILB: Jerome Baker 
ROLB: Shaq Barrett
LCB: Darius Slay
RCB: Carlton Davis 
FS: Quandre Diggs
SS: Adrian Phillips 

NT:  Jonathan Hankins
LOLB: Kyle Fackrell
ROLB: Devon Kennard
NCB: Tayvon Mullen
CB: Troy Hill 
CB: Cam Sutton
CB: Jimmy Smith
S: Brandon Jones 


Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Offensive Starters:

QB - Lamar Jackson

RB1 - Todd Gurley

WR1 - Chris Godwin

WR2 - Stefon Diggs

WR3 - Ceedee Lamb

LT - Bryan Bulaga 

LG - Dakota Dozier 

C - Ryan Kelly

RG/C2 - Tyler Biadasz

RT - Brandon Shell

Power T - Tytus Howard 

Offensive Bench:

RB2 - Cam Akers

RB3 - Alexander Mattison

OG3 - Germain Ifedi

OT4 - Cam Robinson

TE1 - Jimmy Graham

WR4 - Antonio Brown 

WR5 - Tre'quan Smith 

QB2 - Tua Tagovailoa


Defensive Starters:

LDE - Josh Sweat

NT - DeForest Buckner

RDE - Frank Clark


LILB1 - Roquan Smith 

RILB2 - Demario Davis

ROLB2 - Harold Landry

CB1 - Joe Haden

CB2 - Marshon Lattimore 

Slot CB3: Jeff Okudah

S - Nasir Adderley 

Defensive Bench:

Dime CB4 - Charvarius Ward

LB5 - Myles Jack

DT2 - Jaleel Johnson

DT3 - Jordan Elliott

DT4 - B.J. Hill

FS - Anthony Harris

S - Jabril Peppers

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First and foremost we are going to run a lot of Singleback in this formation via 3WR and 2 TE. We are also going to run more  4 WR splitting Goedert out wide. We want to spread out the defense to set up both the passing and running game. If we can do that we like our ability to get Henry into the second level of this defense. They've got a solid front seve but we like our ability to create some mismatches with both TEs and ad WRs as well as use Henry to wear down their dline.  Our goal is run with Henry at least 25 times in this game. We will also use Gore and Jones to help keep Henry fresh, with Henry and Gore we will run mostly straight ahead whole using Jones along the edges in the middle but we will also sprinkle in some offtackle runs with Henry.

When it comes to the passing game, with the anticipation that Ridley misses this week, Olamidr Zaccheus will make a return to the lineup, he had a huge day the last time Ridley/Jones didn't play, so he will be in the slot. Gallup again will play the X and Reagor the Z. 

David Moore will be WR4 and Guyton to 5.

We plan to use Gallup on (but not limited to) deep crossing, corner, and Post routes. As well as intermediate levels routes. 

Reagor we will also occasionally send deep and we will use him on a variety of short and intermediate routes. When it comes to Ridley the whole route tree is gonna be available to him and his one job is to just get open. We want him to freelance a bit.

Moore and Guyton we will use in the intermediate sections of the field as well to try to get behind the defense.

Wirh Goedert we want him running some seam routes but also lots of slants, mesh, comeback and quick in and out routes. We want to be able to get the ball out fast so on any given play we want a minimum of 2 intermediate to short routes. 

Vance McDonald followed by Rob Tonyan will be the 2/3 TE. 

In short yardage situations (1 yard or less) we are going to use 3 TE sets keeping one back (Vance) as a FB. 

Lattimore, Haden, Okudah, Ward, Harris, Adderly  we like these matchups in the secondary, especially against Haden who has lost a step. If/when Jack comes on the field as a possible option in pass coverage we want 2 quick routes underneath forcing him to pick one and going to the other. We will take what rhe defense gives us and focus on efficiency, chain movement, and time of possession.


First and foremost with the exception of Ryan Kelly, every member of the AKB OL has given up at least 1 sack this season.  Howard and Ifedi in fact are the only other OL that have given up less than 2 on the season. AKB doesn't have a true LT on their roster as Shell and Howard are both RTs and Shell isn't a very good one at that. 

Expect to see a lot of blitzes coming off that side of the field in this game. Like last week against NO we want to flush Jackson to otherside of the pocket, there will be defenders waiting for him. Our #1 focus in this game will be shutting down run, in any form, whether it be QB Designed, RPO or straight up. Other than the obvious threat of Jackson, Gurley and Akers are their only real running threats. We will ask players when not blitzing to maintain their contain and not go rogue. Give up the short runs to avoid missed tackles that will result in big runs. Force Jackson to pass. 

In the passing game they have Diggs, Lamb, Trequan Smith, Graham and Kmet (who has a groin injury). They also have Auden Tate, Van Jefferson, and Josh Doctson but let's be honest, they're mediocre. Rex Buckhead could also be involved in the passing game as well as the run and if not shown proper respect can be a weapon. With Cook back for the Vikings IRL, we will still pay attention to Mattison if he takes the field but his role is likely limited. 

We are gonna run a mix of man and zone, but if Tua starts or comes in we will run almost exclusively zone because he is likely to struggle with it and we will blitz him often.

Coverage Assignments: (obviously not all these guys will be on the field at the same time but the below charting will give you an idea of what their role will be when they are)

Darius Slay > Ceedee Lamb (more dynamic WR)
Carlton Davis > Stefon Diggs
Trayvon Mullen > Trequon Smith
Troy Hill> TE/#4 WR

Jimmy Smith > #5 WR
Cam Sutton > TE/RB (Spy on Lamar) *Coverage will be secondary, on field LBs will have priority assignments on RB/TE when Sutton is on field for Spy on Lamar.

We are going to run more nickel and base and less Dime. We want more run stopping ability on the field. If they go 3 WR, we will have 3 CBs on the the field. Same with 2 TEs in clear passing downs. In 2TE, 2 RB, situations, likely run situations we will have 4 LBs vs. 3 but if one LB does come off the field we are going to have it be Brooks staying on. In situations where we are 'bulking up to stop the run Jerome Baker and Brooks  will take the ILB positions. 

*If Heyward doesn't play, Hankins will move into his spot. 

In the Nickel as stated Brooks will be our ILB, but we are also going to take Brian Burns off the field and put Sutton as an offset ILB/NB position to provide intermediate coverage.l and provide a spy on Jackson.

When we are not using Sutton, Brooks will provide the spy for Lamar.

Our safeties will not be tied deep here. Because Lamar struggles in the passing game, while we are going to mix up coverages we are going to run more zone coverage in this game to keep peoples' eyes toward the line of scrimmage, as such our Safeties will play deeper to protect from getting beat deep in zone. If Diggs and/or Lamb go deep I want the safeties play man on them. Keep everything in front, stick to anyone trying to pass them.

I have complete faith in my front 7 to be able to make AKB one dimensional.



Motivation: Rivalry game and we think we have a great shot to win.  As such, we will be making widespread changes to our base formations this week to hopefully match up better and take WSR by surprise. 

Personnel Changes: Bulaga is back at starting LT, moving Shell to RT and Howard to the Power T. Antonio Brown slots in at WR4.  When he comes in he will play on the outside moving Godwin to his natural slot position.  On defense we made a lot of changes and moved to a 3-4 defense.  

Offensive Formations: We will be attacking WSR this week with more a lot of 3 tackle formations (removing the tight end).  Our WR's are so elite that we like having the extra blocker on pass plays and a much better run blocker.  

Tempo: Traditional tempo as we want to control/dictate the game and see everything and make presnap adjustments to get us into the best possible positions. 

Playcalling Distribution: we will go with the run game on early downs to get ahead of the chains and work on passing routes on 2nd and 3rd downs.  As the game progresses we will work in playaction and RPO's on early downs to catch WSR LB's cheating and overloading the box for the run.  

Run Scheme: our runs will focus on power running with a large amount of traps, counter traps, pulling sweeps (RB and QB), pulling counter sweeps (RB and QB), read options and options.  These plays are going to focus on the outside where the 2 tackles have an easier time doubling the smaller d line of WSR and getting to the second level.  

Screens: screens will mostly be our check down plays to move out of poorly called pass and attack the agressiveness of Barret and Burns.  If LJ recognizes blitz pre-snap he will look to check into a screen play.  We will have a number of variations of the screens, even WR screens to Lamb and Godwin.  

Passing: We will look to utilize slants, posts, and crossing routes layered to exploit our advantage in the WSR-DB matchups.  Our blocking is much improved over recent weeks and we are adding in an extra T to help out.  Our RB's will be used 30/70 in helping chip/block anything that gets through and faking that and slipping out to be a check down outlet or running a number of wheel routes.  When we run the wheel routes we will clear out the one side of the field with crossing/slants moving everything to the opposite side of the field and Gurley or Akers will be the primary target on the wheel route to the freed up side.  When Brown is in the game we will look to take some deep shots to him and Diggs with Godwin and Lamb manning the underneath routes. 

Playaction and RPO's: we will be using RPO's and playaction on early downs later in the game as a way to flip the script as the game goes on. 


Defense Base Formation: switching to a base 3-4 man defense this week. 
Playstyle: going with 3-4 as our base D this week as it will give us a better opportunity to get pressure on Big Ben and cover the receivers.  We will use a higher percentage of man whether in 3-4, nickle or dime. 

Run defense.  We will be using our 3-4 d to load up the box tight to the line on clear run plays and big formations.  Runs blitzes will be heavy on big formations and early downs.  We want to get penetration and blow up the plays before they get started.

Passing Defense: we think if we take away Ridley that we can shut down Big Ben and the passing game. So as much as we can, we will be doubling Ridley.  On 3 WR sets or less we will use Adderley or whomever the S is to double Ridley over the top.  Big Ben has been at his worse throwing the deep ball this season and we feel no saftey back may intice him to take shots, but our db's are up for the challenge.  Since we are doubling Ridley and taking those deep shots away, we feel our DB's can shut down anything deep or underneath from Gallup and Lazard (if he plays).

Coverage assignments when in man:

Haden: Weakside (allows him to play tight and use the field as an extra man boosting his coverage abilities)
Lattimore: Strongside (Better suited to cover in the open field)
Okudah: Slot 1
Ward: (when in dime): TE1/Slot 2
Adderlay: whats left to cover, will double Ridley over the top on all 3 WR sets or less. 
LB's: depending on formation and call, we will use all 4 LB's to cover at times the RB and TE's. 

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For clarity, I was anticipating Trequan Smith being higher because I didn't realize Godwin was healthy. 

Hence the reason Lamb is listed with Slay because I was thinking Lamb/Diggs would be the starting WRs. In that situation, Godwin would get Slay and Mullen Lamb (but for arguments sake, I'm fine with Lamb/Slay / Godwin/Mullen)

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3 hours ago, wwhickok said:

Calvin Ridley, Is SUPPOSED to say Michael Gallup.

I just realized I must've had Ridley listed twice....smh...

damn. I don't know. Almost the exact thing you blasted Lukic for last week. Can't let this one slide. Sorry man. Gonna be the ghost of Calvin Ridley running routes out there all game.




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