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2021 Offseason Roster Moves

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We’ve finally reached the off season! Granted we have no GM and no HC or staff, but we’ve got time to discuss roster moves. Lots of choices to be made but for me it’s starts at WR. 

Cooks had a great year and quieted concerns about his health. Player 15 games and became just the 3rd Texan to ever post 1,000 yards receiving. He’s got 3 years and 36 million left on his deal. At 12 million per year, he’s not overpaid. We need to keep him. He’s just 27 years old. His deal will need to be restructured. He’s gonna want guaranteed money. I’d like to see us get him to 3/30 with 20 million fully guaranteed. How can he say no to that?

Fuller is another big choice. I’d love to bring him back but he’s tanked his own value. I’d try and give him a 2 year 16 million deal. If we can’t get him under 10 million per season, then let him walk. 

we can’t get rid of Cobb, he’s on a deal that locks him in for next season. We also should keep Coutee and Hansen. I feel like WR is a solid position for us if we just keep our guys happy. 

must cut or trade list:

JJ Watt - painful but his 17.5 million is just too big a number for a rebuilding defense with his level of production. We can get a pick for him though, so let’s trade him 

David Johnson - he did have like 995 total yards but we need to save the 7 million by cutting him 

Duke Johnson is gone to save us 5 million, these 2 RBs save us 12 million and their production can be replaced with pretty much anyone  

McKinney was easily replaced by adams this year and that’s not saying adams was good but McKinney is replaceable and we save 7 million 

Dunn is gone to save 3 million 


potential cuts

robys deal can be voided so that’s an option 

nick martin can save us 6 million but who’s gonna replace him that’s better? I’d rather get a real line coach and see what he can do with what we have. 

eric Murray can be cut but we don’t save anything, so we might as well hang on and see what happens. 


Generic ideal off season 

1. keep our offense mostly intact 

2. Be smart in the draft and use our few picks on guys that can play. Draft a RB, draft some defensive linemen and linebackers. We really need to understand what positions you can find talent at in later rounds and not waste time on 6th round CBs or 7th round QBs. I wouldn’t mind a 7th round punter. 

3. realize the defense won’t be fixed this off season but make progress. Use any funds available to sign one or 2 CBs. WE DONT HAVE AN ANSWER ON THE THE ROSTER. I’m ok with Reid/Johnson/Murray being our safeties, especially with the limited resources we have but we need to go out and sign a pair of starting CBs. Keep Conley if he’s able to get healthy, and use our 3rd or 4th round pick on a CB that battles with John Reid for the 4/5 spots. 

if we hire a decent coaching staff and make some secondary upgrades, we can be back in the playoffs next year. Especially if we can develop some of the young front 7 guys we have on D. 

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I disagree that JJ is a "must trade/cut". If he wants to stay in Houston, extend him to a friendlier team deal. I'd do the following with the key players which would get us to around $13 million in cap space not including what happens with JJ Watt and Fuller. 


JJ Watt: Wattever he wants. If he's willing to stay on, I'd absolutely give him an extension if he helps lower the cap hit. If he doesn't want to do that, I get it and it's time to find a trade partner. I'd send him to Pittsburgh or Green Bay for a 2nd rounder in the upcoming draft. The best thing we can do is get him a ring or at least put him in a position to compete for one.

Brandin Cooks: extend. We need a #1 WR and there's only enough to pay him or Fuller. While Cooks has had concussion issues in the past, he stayed healthy and finished 10th among WRs in receiving yards. He reminds me of the NFL version of DeMar Derozan. He's going to produce at a high level consistently, but he'll never be the reason you make the Super Bowl. I'm ok with that because DW4 is that guy,, we just need some consistency at the position. I'd like to bring him back on a 3 year, $33 million deal with $9-10 million year one so it helps out the cap hit. 

Will Fuller: prove it deal or let him walk. What sucks is the talent is there, and he'll probably realize it once he leaves and puts it all together. I'd like to bring him back on a 1 year, $10 million "prove it" deal if at all possible. However, usually when players do those deals, it's not with the team they were already playing for. 

Bradley Roby: keep. He played well when he was active and a little over $10 million for a #1 CB is pretty reasonable. No reason to make a problem worse. 

Duke Johnson: extend or cut. If he wants to stay on, I'd be ok with it since we have no real depth or options behind him. However, it has to be in the $3 million range max for up to 3 years. The hope is that we can take a RB in the 3rd-4th round and have him be the full time starter in 2022 while Duke goes back to being our 3rd down RB. 

David Johnson: restructure or cut. If Duke agrees to stay on, then we cut David. If Duke is cut due to not wanting to restructure, then we see about restructuring David's contract to $3-4 million for the final year. Similar to the Cooks/Fuller situation, we only need to keep one of them. 

Benardrick Mckinney: trade or cut. There's only room for one run-thumping ILB in a 3-4 defense and it's not him. As much as I'd like to get something for him like a 4th or 5th rounder, I know cutting him is the more realistic option. 

Zac Fulton: cut. He took a cut last year, but he's still a liability in both facets of the game. Kelemete is the better option between the two of them and cheaper. 

Brandon Dunn: cut. We can find DL depth elsewhere. 

Darren Fells: cut. Get rid of fells, bring back Pharaoh Brown on a cheap deal.

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Texans 2021 Off-season (bold  = my guess)

 Hire Mike Borgonzi (KC) or John Dorsey (FA) or Louis Riddick (FA) as GM

Hire Eric Bieniemy (KC) or Robert Saleh (SF) or Matt Eberflus (IND) as HC

Hire Andy Heck (KC)  or Luke Butkus (GB) as  OL coach  (Heck would also be named Asst HC as a “promotion”)

Hire Jim Caldwell (FA) as OC/ QB coach

Hire Andre Johnson (FA) or Hines Ward (NYJ) or Keenan McCardell (JAX) or Antwaan Randle-El (TB) as WR coach

Hire Anthony Lynn (FA) or Craig Ver Steeg (BAL) as RB coach

Hire Mike Bartrum (PHI) as TE coach

Hire Teryl Austin (PIT) or Jerod Mayo (NEP) or Demeco Ryans (SF) as DC

Hire  La’Roi Glover (LAC) or Andre Carter (NYJ) or Jeff Zgonina (WSH) or Frank Okam (CAR) as DL coach

Hire George Edwards (DAL)  as LB coach

Hire Jerry Gray (GB) as Asst DC / Secondary coach

Retain Tracy Smith (HOU) as Special Teams coordinator


Off-season moves

Extend Watt (create $5M in cap space)

Restructure Tunsil

Restructure Watson

Restructure Cunningham

Restructure Cooks

Cut David Johnson

Cut Eric Murray

Cut Fulton

Cut Kelemete

Trade Edge Mercilus to NEP for 2022 6th

Trade LB McKinney to WSH for 2022 6th + Edge / LB Casey Toohill

Moves = $46M in cap space

(think league salary cap gets $5 - $10M bump)

2021 Cap space: $51M - $56M



Sign QB Matt Moore or Jacoby Brissett or Dwayne Haskins (2 years, $4M)  – player option on 2nd year, 1st year guaranteed

Sign Le’Veon Bell (KC) (2 years, $4M) – 2nd year is player option or Wayne Gallman (NYG) (2 years, $3M) lots of incentives

Re-sign Will Fuller (4 years, $60M) [14, 15, 15, 16] or transition tag $14M

Re-sign TE Pharoah Brown (2 years, $3M)

Re-sign T Roderick Johnson (2 years, $6M)

Sign C/G Stefan Wisniewski (KC) (2 years, $6M)

Sign G/T Mike Remmers (KC) (2 years, $6M)



Tender DL PJ Hall ($2.2M)

Sign Edge Tyus Bowser (BAL) (4 years, $30M) [6, 7, 8, 9] or John Simon (NEP) or Aaron Lynch (JAX) or Samson Ekubam (LAR) (all should be cheaper than Bowser)

Re-sign LB Tyrell Adams (3 years, $12M) [3, 4, 5]

Sign CB Fabian Moreau (WSH) (4 years, $22M) [4, 5, 6, 7]

Re-sign CB Gareon Conley (1 year, $4M)


 Draft (3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7)

3rd round - RB Stevie Scott (IN)

4th round - NT Jordan Davis (GA)

4th round - SAF Talanoa Hufanga (USC)

5th round - Interior OL Ed Ingram (LSU)

5th round (trade two 6’s + 7th) - CB Isaac Taylor-Stuart (USC)

6th round - WR (KR / PR) K.D. Nixon (CO)


QB Kellen Mond (TAMU)

ILB Quay Walker (GA)



 2021 - 2022 Roster

QB Watson // Brissett

RB Gallman // Duke // rookie

FB Gillaspia // (Brown)

X-WR Cooks // Coulter

Z-YR Fuller // Coutee

Slot WR Cobb // rookie (KR/PR)

Y-TE Akins // Warring

In-line TE Fells // Brown

LT Tunsil // Roderick Johnson

LG Scharping

C Martin // Wisniewski

RG Remmers // rookie  

RT Howard // Heck


 LDE Watt // Omenihu

NT rookie // Dunn

RDE Hall // Blacklock

LOLB Bowser // Toohill

LILB Cunningham // rookie

RILB Adams // Kalambayi

ROLB Greenard // Martin

LCB Roby // Conley

RCB Moreau // Crossen

Slot CB John Reid // rookie

FS Justin Reid // J. Owens

SS L. Johnson // rookie

K Fairbairn // P Anger // LS Weeks (or rookie)


Room for 1 more!

Also too late for these, but...


Would have signed G Kyle Hinton (PS – MN)

Would have signed G Willie Wright (PS – ATL)

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We have one last year with Watt and that's next year. I'd be very surprised if he doesn't retire by the end of the 2021 season. We give him one last go with our new GM-HC tandem, especially if Eberflus is the HC. Watt had 14 TFL this year, his sack count imo was all Weaver's fault for being unable to scheme an effective d-line.

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With our limited picks and with them all being later round picks, I would mind targeting a RB, using a 6th or 7th rounder on a Punter and using one on a back up QB.  How often do late round picks make any kind of impact? Might as well go punter and QB as opposed to taking a WR or CB that won’t even be on the roster in 2 years. 

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