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BDL 2021 Contract Negotiations/Transactions


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2 hours ago, SirA1 said:

@bcb1213 @Blue

OK I had time to look into this. The Texans did exercise Watson's 5th year option but that was $17.3M.

The new number on Spotrac of $10540 for 2021 likely does mean the contract was altered to keep his cap number cheap for 1 more year.

The publicized 4 year contract that comes out to $39K per year was likely something to make the contract look bigger than it actually is for agent purposes.

I would be inclined to rule that his 5th year option is no more but that it is actually a 5 year contract left. $156K + $10,540 = $166,540/5 to base your 3 Up off of. I think these big QB contracts may need arbitration like this as each NFL team will structure them differently.

But I am also not on the contract committee just my opinion.

Assuming Watson has been on Cuba for 4 years on the rookie deal, the 3 up is based on the following:

Houston Excercises Watson's 5th year option for 2021 at 17.3 Million (4/28/2020)


Houston Extends Watson at 4/156 milion for seasons 2022 - 2025 (9/5/2020)


173.300.000/5 is the basis of the 3 Up.

Can confirm these numbers looking at Spotrac (Career earnings - rookie deal)


4 yr(s) / $13,854,281


Still hilarious to me after all these years, no one gets it.


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28 minutes ago, Blue said:

Frankly I thought all this was resolved before I quit years ago. Either tack on the fifth year option and another year to the 3 Up total, or don't let them 3 Up a player still on the 5th year option IRL.

We did!  You are exactly right in your assessment.

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