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NBA Fantasy Draft - Round 2 - DeadPulse vs NYRaider


Who's Team Would Win in a 7 Game Series?  

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  1. 1. Who's Team Would Win in a 7 Game Series?

    • Deadpulse
    • NYRaider

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Pick Deadpulse Position   Pick NYRaider Position
1 Nikola Jokic C   1 Kevin Durant F
2 Ja Morant G   2 Kyrie Irving G
3 Brandon Ingram F   3 Pascal Siakam F
4 Tobias Harris F   4 Gordon Hayward F
5 Marcus Smart G   5 Serge Ibaka F
6 Lauri Markkanen F   6 Tyrese Haliburton G
7 Anthony Edwards G   7 Malk Beasley G
8 Tyler Herro G   8 Dwight Howard C
9 Kevin Huerter G   9 Justin Holiday F
10 Lamarcus Aldridge F   10 Davis Bertans F
11 Wendall Carter C   11 Monte Morris G
12 Talen Horton Tucker G   12 Kelly Olynyk F



PG - Ja Morant - 32

SG: Marcus Smart - 35

SF: Brandon Ingram - 31

PF: Tobias Harris - 31

C Nikola Jokić - 38

6: Lauri Markkanen - 20

7: Tyler Herro - 15

8: Anthony Edwards - 13

9: Kevin Huerter - 10

10: LaMarcus Aldridge - 5

11: Wendell Carter Jr. - 5




PG: Kyrie Irving | Tyrese Haliburton | Monte Morris 

SG: Malik Beasley | Justin Holiday 

SF: Kevin Durant | Gordon Hayward

PF: Pascal Siakam | Davis Bertans 

C: Serge Ibaka | Dwight Howard | Kelly Olynyk 

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Over a longer series Deadpulse has a much younger roster, especially in the starters.  That experience is a big plus for Raiders, but 4 starters in their 30's, most of them with injury history.  I think Jokic eats this series, give me Deadpulse in 7.

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hate that NY has a loser like malik on his squad. would rather see hali in the starting line up and malik off the bench. but... i have zero clue why deadpulse made a jokic team with two guards that can't hit threes good. i don't like the roster makeup on that squad. NY pretty easily here

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