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2021 OTA and TC Thread


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What is the deal with Star? He is the most concerning person on this list that has yet to show up. Just dont get how you take the year off in which you are in zero contact with the organization and then now your not back in the facility to build the chemistry back up especially with 3 young pass rushers in epenesa, basham and rousseau and only one year with oliver. Dline is going to be worrisome if he isnt good to go and in the football mindset. 

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I’ll only be worried if guys aren’t here next week. There’s lots of videos of these guys working out at home or with their PT somewhere else right now. 

OTAs are important but there’s a reason they’re voluntary. The real work starts next week and ramps up at the end of July.

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14 minutes ago, soflbillsfan said:

Any word on how the vaccination % is at camp? I heard the nfl is now at 84% and 90% or more for 10 teams with some teams as low as 60%. With it being so publicly talked about I am curious where the Bills stand compared to the entire league


I’ll search for the specific tweet later but I remember reading the top 5 teams and bottom 5 teams in regard to percentage and the Bills weren’t listed on either. 

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