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I'm a big fan of the true crime documentaries on Netflix and thought we could make a thread to discuss some good ones.  

Talk about your favorites and give others ideas on some to check out.

  • Making a Murderer - the super popular series that chronicles the unlawful imprisonment of Steven Avery to his arrest and conviction for murder along with his nephew.  Small town police corruption along with trying to find the truth of what really happened.  
  • The Fear of 13 - Narrated by the man who spent 20 years on death row accused of a murder he didn't commit.  He tells his story, and his experiences inside prison, during an escape attempt, and the series of events that led to his release.  
  • Dear Zachary - A heart-wrenching emotional documentary about the life of Dr. Andrew Bagby with interviews from the many lives he touched detailed as a tribute for the son he never got to meet with the woman accused of his murder.  The story chronicles Andrew's parents attempt to gain custody of Zachary while the government tries to extradite Andrew's murderer from Canada.  
  • Team Foxcatcher - the murder of Dave Schultz, world champion wrestler by filthy rich John E. DuPont.  It's interesting to me because I love wrestling and was a fan of Dave in the 80's-90's.  
  • The Keepers - about the 1969 murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik a beloved Catholic school teacher in Baltimore and still an unsolved crime.  The further they dig the more corruption unravels as more people come forward seeking justice.  
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9 minutes ago, packerrfan74 said:

"13th" is also an amazing documentary. Anyone who believes that everyone is on an equal playing field in society and that there is no oppression of minority groups in the US, should definitely watch this.

Thanks... checking it out now.  

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On 7/21/2017 at 10:19 AM, packerrfan74 said:

I saw Dear Zachary a couple years ago and I still think about that one at least once a month. Maybe one of the saddest and twisted stories I've heard. My heart dropped in that one.

Girl I talk to finally watched it.  I warned her and told her she shouldn't watch it.  But she watched it and isn't very happy with me right now.    Such a gut wrenching story and twist of events.   

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