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Week 10 Prospect Talk


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24 minutes ago, beekay414 said:

Baker at least stands tall (or as tall as he can lol) in the pocket. UNC's lack of OL play has David Carr'd Howell's pocket presence. Kid's going to get into the NFL and see ghosts.

You do realize that Pitt has the most sacks in the nation at 36.  Happy feet?  I sure hope so against that defense with Habakkuk Baldonado and Calijah Kancey arguably the best DE/DT pass rushing combo in the nation and Baldonado is probably going to be a 1st round pick this year or at least could be and Kancey has tons of potential down the road, not to mention Dennis who is a blur at ILB with great speed and blitz ability.  


Also the UNC defense had 8 QB hurries and sacked him 4 times so it is not like Pickett was not running around either getting away from pressure, only difference is he has some standout receivers probably 3 or 4 of them will be in the NFL, Addison, Wayne and Krull for sure possibly Mack as well.  UNC not quite that, Downs has ability but not much outside of him and the OL has been pretty disappointing considering what they had coming back.  Pitt defense had 5 sacks and 11 tackles for a loss and 3 QB hurries so yeah there was pressure on him.


Howell's stock has dropped no question but hard to not be impressed with how he has looked the last few weeks again Notre Dame, Wake and now Pitt.   If he falls to late 1st or early 2nd round he could be a steal and a good value.  Kid as adapted to the poor OL play and lack of receivers and rushed for over 700 yards so far this year and 9 TDs when previously his season high in rushing was 146 yards total.  Showed some impressive toughness I think in doing so, where as say Matt Corral has always been able to run so his rushing this year is not exactly a surprise.  


Howell and Mayfield do have similarities in their release and how they drop back and throw the football sure, both do look similar but one is the #1 pick overall and one will not have those type of expectations most likely.  

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